To The Marxists – Your Duty Is To Work (Op-Ed)

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Submitted by June Griffin –

If you’re in the 1st Tenn. Senate district, you have elected the slickest politician yet. Adam Lowe has out-slicked Slick Willy.

Adam Lowe must go! He pulled off his slickest maneuver yet at the Athens political rally today. I was asked to go there to make a speech but the spineless Republican leadership had already planned to be sure that there was no confrontation, merely, as Adam intimated, we didn’t want these Marxists to make fun of us or say bad things about us, so be nice and civil.

Actually about 75 people max turned up at the Rally and the Planners put the Marxists in another park about 2 blocks away. Great fear gripped the politicians as they were scared someone might say “boo” to these darling Marxists whose big bucks come from afar.

So the Republicans were ALLOWED to walk quietly into the camps where the fierce Marxists were. Our patriotic truck stuck out like a sore thumb, and it was hard to hide the fact that old-fashioned patriotism was on the march.

So, like the little kindergarten with their beloved mistress, go where the big nasty Marxists were under the tent, guarded by the Highway Patrol and other law enforcement, to save them from the fierce crowd of real Republicans who were being pushed to the brink by compromising, spineless RINOS.

So our dear little truck made its way where THE ENEMY WAS, SURELY THERE MUST BE A HORDE OF HOSTILITY with that kind of warnings and quietening from the fearful leadership.

Alas, I made my way to where the FIERCE ENEMY was, at a table and there were three old men and a specter of a LAWYER. This is what the entire population is running from – THREE OLD MEN AND A LAWYER!

The Republicans had them outnumbered 75 to one but never mind – the specter was there of what their LAWYER might do. There was ONE reporter who had no interest in the citizen/voters who were clamoring to see some REAL solutions, which they did hear when, like so many other times, I had to beg for the microphone from Slick Willy-Adam Lowe. I was OFFICIALLY asked to go there to make an encouraging talk and believe me when the starved Republicans heard the truth of what the LORD gave me to deliver, it was obvious they were now well fed.

I knew I was being shafted when the Senator asked for June Griffin to lead the Pledge. That was to pacify me so that he could cut me off from making the kind of speech the people wanted to hear. They are getting tired of baby food and empty promises and frog-in-the-water tactics while the enemies of liberty march through the land with Three Old Men and a Lawyer to take away every particle of freedom for which Jesus and the Veterans paid for with their blood and sacrifices.

My speech included a warning about the traps in the Red Flag Law which is not about guns, really, but about building mental hospitals and turning folks in secretly to law enforcement.

I did mention that the original Battle of Athens was when some veterans confiscated the ballot boxes and I stated that I wondered why some men didn’t confiscate the ballot boxes in Georgia. But, remember, we must be civil, because we don’t want those THREE OLD MEN AND A LAWYER to get their feelings hurt and rob the rest of the kitty.

Many came to me with a true sense of gratitude. One I particularly remember is a wonderful, older man who told me he had moved to Tennessee from New York and how awful it was there and he had hopes things would be better in Tennessee. I told him that we must fight the ENCROACHMENT – for Tennessee is the target, and slick-willies are listening to unelected professionals instead of WE THE PEOPLE, that they want your VOTE but have no use for your outcry to leave our freedoms alone.

About half the crowd knew we had a Tennessee Constitution, and were clamoring to know more as I read the plain text to them (what could be plainer?)

This whole session needs to be stopped by asking the question: HOW MANY LEGISLATORS KNOW THE PROVISIONS OF THE TENNESSEE CONSTITUTION AND FEAR WHAT GOD WILL DO WITH THEM IF THEY VIOLATE IT? I stated that we had the Bible and the Constitution, both emanated from Almighty God.

I guess I might say that the Adam Lowe’s are more afraid of a lady with a Bible and a Constitution more than they fear THREE OLD MEN AND A LAWYER! No one tried to stop these old men, but Adam surely tried to do his best to see to it that the Tennessee Lady was restricted to something not so hot-potato, to keep her from reading the Tenn. Declaration or Rights.

I twas a good lesson for my wonderful Grandson, Nathaniel, who has been my faithful helper. I told him that lying comes in many forms and he saw the elite form in real action today, and that I never wanted him to fall that low (LOWE – no pun intended)

I was glad I took some cards which advertise the Tennessee Committee Bill of Rights. They went pretty fast.

And in the process of my little talk I did bring up the touchy topic of the EXTORTION WORKED ON OUR GOVT. BY THE ORGANIZED CRIME IN WASHINGTON

An electric round of applause ensued when I said that we should quit sending money to Washington and to get rid of the IRS – what a windfall govt. employees, for example, would have in the doubling of their pay check by its staying in their pocket.

There was one reporter there that was not prominent, the one with the There are a few reporters left who tell THE REST OF THE STORY.

Below is the outline of my address:

2 Thessalonians 3:10-11

King James Version

10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.11 For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.

My Duty is to Resist you.Eccl. 10:If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy place; for yielding pacifieth great offences .

Decl. Of Rights Art. 1, Sect. 2: That government being instituted for the common benefit, the doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power an oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.

Art. XI. Section 16. Misc Provisions

The declaration of rights hereto prefixed is declared to be a part of the Constitution of the state, and shall never be violated on any pretense whatever. And to guard against transgression of the high powers, we have delegated, we declare that everything in the bill of rights contained, is excepted out of the general powers of the government, and shall forever remain inviolate.

2 thoughts on “To The Marxists – Your Duty Is To Work (Op-Ed)

  • August 21, 2023 at 4:37 pm

    God bless this brave lady and her mission. May her numbers increase!

    • August 21, 2023 at 6:17 pm

      Thank you, Alice. We have built upon the Rock of Ages. Those who have built upon the Sand of Man’s imaginations and wishes will have a great fall.


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