Two Christian Universities In Tennessee Have Ties To Planned Parenthood

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

It comes as no surprise that Planned Parenthood has a presence on most college and university campuses across America, after all, college students are their prime target.

What may come as a shock is that Planned Parenthood also collaborates with many Christian colleges and universities to varying degrees, this despite the fact that scripture and long standing Christian tradition is anti-abortion.

Students For Life has been checking up on Christian schools across the country since 2019 and conducted an extensive investigation in 2021, concluding that one out of every eight Christian colleges or universities maintains some kind of relationship with Planned Parenthood. 

One would reasonably expect that Christian schools would promote life, support pregnant students in life-affirming ways and work to combat the culture of death. Students For Life found that out of the 783 schools they assessed, 103 had connections to Planned Parenthood.

The organization contacted each school’s administration to voice their concerns, three times by email, once by phone, and gave each school one month to respond. One in three of these schools decided to cut ties with Planned Parenthood. Of the seventy schools who continue to be affiliated with the abortion provider, two are located within Tennessee.

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Sewanee – University of the South, an Episcopalian school, received a B rating by Students For Life for having Planned Parenthood promoted on a map as a community partner.

Image from Sewanee: College of the South website

Rhodes College, with Presbyterian affiliation, was given an F rating for the many infractions that Students For Life found. 

Planned Parenthood was listed on Rhodes’ website both as a community health and a sexual health resource, as a volunteer or internship opportunity (including an internship for gender and sexuality studies), as a psychology internship opportunity, and a hiring organization for graduates.

From Rhodes College website

There is a Take Action link that can be accessed here on the Students For Life website, for anyone interested in contacting administrators of Sewanee or Rhodes to exhort them to uphold biblical values and cut ties with the abortion industry.


About the Author: Paula Gomes is a Tennessee resident and reporter for The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Paula at

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    Parents should pull their children out of these schools .


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