Understanding the New Marxist Movement with Adam Calabrese

The labels of Marxism, Communism and Socialism were wildly unpopular during the Cold War Era. However, as decades have passed and memories have faded, liberals are again peddling these dangerous and destructive ideologies. 

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Recently, Adam Calabrese and Anne Roth put together a multi-night civics series called “We the Thinking People.” I was amazed to see hundreds of people gathered together night after night to learn more about the ideas that make our country so exceptional – and the ideas and movements that are opposed to its continuation as we know it.

In this interview, Adam takes a deep-dive into Marxism. He details Marxism’s historical origins, failed outcomes AND how many are trying to repackage this old, failed political framework as something new. 

I wanted to have Adam on this program so that subscribers to the Tennessee Conservative could benefit from it as well.


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