What Is Good For The Goose May Kill The Gander

Equity to some means special privileges to others.

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by Thomas Antkow [Special to The Tennessee Conservative] –

There is a stark difference between treating people of diverse racial, gender or religious groups the same and rewarding or praising those same groups with special privileges that reach far beyond equality.

A fundamental question should be asked here. Should the goal of equity mean that we must create a society where every race, religion, sex, or color, regardless of real population numbers, mandate that everyone must be represented in equal numbers to reach equality?

If that is true, what about a fundamental belief expressed in a landmark speech. “Judge not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”. Martin Luther King in his famous “I’ve got as dream” remarks couldn’t have stated equity and equality any better. Simple and concise. Is it the skin color, numbers, or available opportunity that creates the “equity”.

When exactly did the equality train and equity caboose jump the rails? I am not sure.


Let’s examine a recent election for Knoxville Tennessee City Council. Research tells us that there are millions of registered voters in Tennessee. 15,000 votes were cast in the Knox County City Council race. A candidate “of color” Amelia Parker, beat a “well-funded” candidate, Tim Hill, who happens to be white by 3,000 votes to claim an “overwhelming victory” for the minority community. Why did that deserve a banner headline? Shouldn’t it be just a matter of common sense in victory? An admirable achievement by Ms. Parker but why must this achievement warrant such a prominent headline in the news? Why must the color of anyone’s skin or social status necessitate a great victory for anyone. Black, white, or otherwise. 

The article goes on to state. “The goal was a long time coming and was to change Knoxville by electing more people of color”. Parker, the founder of the City Council movement, set out on this mission with fellow organizers in 2017. Mission accomplished. Re-election achieved! Ms. Parker recognized an opportunity. With hard work and dedication achieved it. Not just because of the color of her skin.

The article goes on to say that “Their work to build a more equitable city continues to bear fruit”. Parker was elected by an “overwhelming margin” to a second term representing “all voters” as an at large City Council member”. Looking at the numbers it really wasn’t that “overwhelming”. According to the latest census figures there are just under 500,000 people populating Knox County. 88% of which are White. Approximately 9% Black. If Ms. Parker’s goal going forward is to represent ALL people, then where is the inequity?

According to Statista, black players represent approximately 70%. of the NBA. White players. 17%.  The NFL is approximately the same. Does over representation of one group mean another group is being discriminated against? Same opportunity? Same biology?

Recall the “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness” from The Declaration of Independence? Even though that line was never originally intended for non-whites. It supposedly reached fruition after the implementation of the Civil Rights Act in 1964. Almost six decades ago and 247 years later. Was equality magically reached in 1964? Times have obviously changed.

All “men” are certainly NOT really created equal. Especially physically. Neither are all men and women. All humans are given “equal opportunity” in America to succeed. However, many times guidance, mentorship, determination, or effort that goes with the dream is unrealized. There is a vast difference between seeing, being presented with, taking advantage of, accepting, or seizing an opportunity. Some unfortunately, take the opportunity to join a gang, steal, shoplift, sell drugs, murder, loot or commit crime against others. There are certainly other paths available but not as easy or visible to take.

Let’s be completely frank. For the last 50 years the United States government has earmarked literally billions of taxpayer dollars to create “equality, “equity” and an infinite number of opportunities to succeed. To create an even playing field.

Congratulations Ms. Parker. Your hard work and dedication are well deserved. That should be the rule regarding equality. That should be the benchmark for success. Not the exception.

THOMAS ANTKOW is currently a freelance writer and produced and hosted his own daily radio show on KCSF AM 1300 and co-hosted talk shows for KVOR AM 740 for Cumulus Broadcasting in Colorado Springs.  He can be reached at taradio863@gmail.com.  You can subscribe to Tom’s FREE newsletter at:  Antkow.substack.com

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