Why Conservatives Must Stand Against The LGBTQ Agenda & Drag Queen Story Hour

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by George Carneal – Author, “From Queer to Christ

As someone who lived the homosexual lifestyle for 25 years, and lived with a drag queen, let me share the reality of drag shows and why they are not “family friendly” events. Many parents feel the Drag Queen Story Hour events, hosted in various public schools across the USA, are harmless. The public is led to believe this is a fun way to introduce children to the gay and transgender communities. Parents are allowing their children to be indoctrinated, believing this is harmless fun.

Even some Drag Queens are speaking out against the grooming of children at these events. When your child turns 18, and desires to attend drag shows in gay nightclubs, they will be exposed to the following:  

sexually explicit and risqué material

• half-naked bodies

• adult-oriented humor

• foul language

• free-flowing alcohol, and drugs

Sexual activity has often occurred behind the stage. Additionally, numerous drag queens performing at the Drag Queen Story Hour events around the country have been exposed as convicted child sex offenders. These same predators are in the gay nightclubs, which puts your young adult child at risk for being a target.

The LGBTQ lifestyle is not something to be celebrated. The individuals trapped in that bondage need our prayers, deliverance, and the hope that can be found in Jesus, not a lifestyle that God’s Word clearly defines as an ‘abomination.’  We must fight for our children.

As the son of a Baptist minister who spent 25 years in the homosexual lifestyle, I want to expose the reality of that ‘death’-style as well as the lies of the media, Hollywood, the LGBTQ activists, and liberal theologians.

The media and Hollywood mislead the public by promoting gay/lesbian celebrities, leading everyone to believe it’s a happy world filled with unicorns, glitter, and rainbows. The sad reality is that it’s a world of sorrow, loneliness, and self-destruction. 

I’ve witnessed firsthand the casualties of so many LGBTQ individuals who fell into this destructive lifestyle. Within three years of entering a gay bar, I battled drugs and alcohol, had a sex addiction, became a prostitute, struggled with depression, and eventually attempted suicide.

When “allies” affirm an individual’s choice to go into the LGBTQ lifestyle, here is the reality of what awaits them.

• There are no Godly influences. Many gay men have either abandoned their faith or are turning to Satanism and other world religions. 

• LGBTQ individuals are bombarded with temptations from alcohol, drugs, and pornography. 

• Some gay men turn to stripping, prostitution, and the porn industry. It is not uncommon for gay men to have hundreds of sex partners. I was one of those men. What I’m saying is the norm, not the exception.

• The gay community is youth oriented. It is a meat market, plain and simple. When you age in that community, when your looks fade and your body falls apart, you are no longer desired.

• Older gay men often find themselves alone, with friends who eventually pass away due to health issues and old age. Gay couples usually have open relationships. Finding a meaningful, monogamous relationship is like winning the lottery.

• The risk in meeting strangers for sex puts numerous gay men, even transwomen, at risk of being beaten, drugged, raped, robbed, or murdered. 

• Numerous gay men are intentionally sleeping with individuals who are HIV+ because once they are infected, they can simply live reckless lives and have all the unprotected sex they desire. Sadly, many gay men have no hope and don’t care about their lives. 

• Additionally, domestic violence (rape, physical violence, emotional abuse) inflicted by a same-sex partner is not only common among gay men, but the rate of abuse is even higher in the lesbian community.

• Depression, isolation, loneliness is a common problem for many within the LGBTQ community. The suicide rate for gays and lesbians is higher than their heterosexual counterparts. The suicide rate for transgender individuals is even higher.

Many LGBTQ youth are disowned by family members for identifying as LGBTQ. Numerous young people hit the streets and turn to prostitution. Some run away to larger cities where “wolves” are waiting at bus stations and subways to prey on them.

The youth of today are rarely warned about the dangers of HIV. These young men have not witnessed the horror of watching friends and loved ones dying of AIDS. Other maladies include chlamydia, herpes simplex virus, human papilloma virus (HPV), gonorrhea, viral hepatitis, syphilis, anal warts, oral and anal cancer.

Former transgender individuals are warning that they were guinea pigs, finally realizing you can’t change your gender. Research “transition regret” on YouTube and listen to the horror stories of what these individuals are going through. Many, within the medical community, are not being honest about the risks associated with transitioning. Doctors who dare to sound the alarm risk having their lives destroyed.

The health risks are too numerous to mention here with regards to what the hormone blockers, estrogen, and testosterone shots do to the body. Research “health risks of gender reassignment surgery” for more information. 

The doctors are paid while transgender individuals struggling with gender dysphoria are left to pick up the pieces of their shattered lives. They need Jesus, and a good counselor, not hormone blockers and sex-reassignment surgery. God is in the healing business and there is hope for those individuals. They need compassion, not disdain.

God’s Word is clear He knew us when He formed us in the womb (Jeremiah 1:5). God does not make mistakes when assigning our gender. To suggest otherwise is to insinuate God made a mistake and you are going to fix it.  You can’t change your gender and you can’t change your chromosomes. 

If you are fed-up with the transgender issue, pedophilia is next on the list. MAP (Minor Attracted Persons) or “Pedosexuals” are terms you should pay attention to. Research the “North American Man-Boy Love Association.” Americans are slowly being groomed by the media that adults, who are attracted to children, have no control over who they are attracted to. This will be put under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. Anyone who dares to criticize or object to the legalization of pedophilia, will risk being charged with a hate crime. 

In Canada and several European countries, laws have been enacted making it a crime to criticize the LGBTQ community. Parents risk being arrested and/or having their children removed from the home if they don’t support a child wanting to transition to the opposite sex.  If the LGBTQ activists in America get their way, the same laws will be passed. It will be illegal for a Christian counselor to suggest you can change your same-sex attraction.

Schools, especially liberal colleges and universities, are now Communist indoctrination centers designed to destroy the minds of children, with curriculum already designed from K-12 to teach children about anal/oral sex, homosexuality, transgenderism, and masturbation. Children’s books, under the guise of “education,” show pornographic cartoons of children in various sex acts. Private Christian schools are not immune to this agenda. Many Christian educational institutions are compromised. It’s time for parents to find ways of homeschooling their children. Visit www.massresistance.org for numerous articles exposing the public school system.

In closing, I plead with Christians to extend more compassion and sympathy toward the LGBTQ individuals. Numerous mean-spirited “Christians” have given the LGBTQ community the impression that God hates “fags,” that God created AIDS to kill them, that they cannot be saved and, therefore, they reject God, and a Savior who died for them. Since they have no hope, they follow the path of self-destruction. I was nearly a casualty of that thinking but by God’s grace, He pulled me out of that life. I praise God I had Christians in my life who truly had the heart of Christ, who never gave up on me, who never stopped praying for me, and always told me the truth of God’s Word, in love. I have been free from the bondage of homosexuality for over 14 years. God is in the saving and deliverance business.

Many LGBTQ individuals were raised in Christian homes and have loved ones praying for their deliverance from that bondage. I hear from so many parents, even pastors, whose children have gone into the LGBTQ lifestyle and their stories are heartbreaking. I also hear from LGBTQ individuals from around the world who are so desperate to get out of that life, who share how miserable they are. Most don’t know that deliverance is possible, and that with Jesus, all things are possible!

Many LGBTQ individuals come from homes where they have endured shame, rejection, ridicule, bullying, rape, incest, physical/mental/verbal/emotional abuse, etc. Many of them are simply looking for a place to belong. Pour love into them. Share the Gospel with them. Give these individuals hope because of what Jesus did on the Cross.

Christian “allies” of the LGBT community may feel they are being a “good Christian” by supporting and affirming this “lifestyle.” While we should have the heart of Christ by loving and treating everyone with compassion and respect, encouraging a homosexual to remain in this life is encouraging further enslavement to a life that is in rebellion to God. God’s Word is clear that the homosexual act is an abomination. 

While God hates the sin of homosexuals and heterosexuals, He loves all of us. Jesus died on the Cross for the LGBTQ community as well. Jesus loved the outcasts but, still, He did not condone sin. God wishes that no one perish (2 Peter 3:9), and states that all of Heaven rejoices over that one sinner who repents (Luke 15:7). LGBTQ Allies – your affirmation is hurting the homosexual/transgender individual! I pray you will think of the children and stand against the LGBTQ agenda.

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  • October 22, 2022 at 3:03 pm

    1 1/2 yrs ago I warned this Tennessee Conservative audience, our US Senators, State Senators, Gov Lee, various news outlets and anyone else who would listen to me about “Drag Queen Story Hour” being presented in taxpayer funded libraries & schools. Especially Knoxville, Memphis & Nashville areas. I received no response or outrage at that time. Now its on your doorstep and what will U Do? Go on-line to “Drag Queen Story Hour,” look at the freak they have for their poster child of San Francisco’s chapter, read their charter then see for yourself where the chapters are in your area. U can then address who is responsible for the perversion in your neighborhood.

  • October 24, 2022 at 3:58 am

    SICK…. nothing else to say.


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