Women’s Sports Are Still Under Threat In Tennessee (Op-Ed)

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By Joshua Rosales [Special to The Tennessee Conservative] –

Recently, Gov. Bill Lee signed into law Senate Bill 1440 clarifying state law to read that sex means: “a person’s immutable biological sex as determined by anatomy at the time of birth.”

What’s remarkable is that this bill was even necessary.

Not too long ago, it was universally accepted that a person’s sex was determined at the time of the birth.

But as we all know, we are living under very different times.

Today, there is a small minority of Americans that is determined to push a divisive agenda bent on redefining biology, what it means to be a woman, and women’s sports.

And it’s happening everywhere – including here in Tennessee and even Murfreesboro.

In order to educate the local community about what’s happening, Latinos for Tennessee – a group I belong to is partnering with several local community groups to welcome Riley Gaines – a NCAA Division I swimmer and an advocate for women – to speak at the Fountain Gateway.

Riley knows first-hand how redefining what constitutes a woman can mean to women’s sports.

As a student athlete at the University of Kentucky, Riley was a 12- time All-American swimmer. But in her last year at the university, Riley was forced to share a locker room and compete with Lia Thomas, a biological male swimmer, at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Championship.

This traumatic experience propelled Riley into the spotlight and convicted her to speak out in defense of women’s sports and women.

Since graduating from the University of Kentucky, Riley has been traveling the country to share her story with others – even if it means putting herself in harm’s way.

And it’s a good thing that Riley is speaking out and using her voice in support of women’s sports.

All across the country, women’s sports are under threat.

It’s happening at college campuses, sport governing bodies and being cheered on by our own federal government.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Education unveiled a new proposed rule that would compel schools into allowing transgender students to compete on the team of their self-professed gender identity. In other words, a biologically born male would be allowed to compete against a biologically born female in a collegiate sport. And in some cases, like it was for Riley Gaines, female college athletes may have to share a locker room with a biologically born male.

Fortunately, public polling shows that most Americans oppose allowing transgender athletes from competing against biologically born females. In fact, only about 3 in 10 Americans say transgender women and girls should be allowed to compete in sports.

But these numbers are not deterring activists, policymakers, and Hollywood celebrities to continue calling anyone who disagrees with their position on transgenderism as: “transphobic.” They are determined to impose their radical agenda on the rest of the country.

This is why groups like Latinos for Tennessee and the Rutherford County Republicans, among others recently teamed up with Riley Gaines to educate the local community about the threats facing women sports.

Opposing transgender women to compete against biologically born females in competitive sports does not make someone transphobic. Instead, it’s about protecting women’s sports and ensuring that more than fifty years of progress of supporting women athletes and women sports since the signing of the Title IX act is not lost in vain.

It also means ensuring that young women in universities and colleges across the country do not feel uncomfortable while they are in the locker room.

Gov. Bill Lee did the right thing by signing into law legislation protecting women’s sports. Now it’s time to do the hard work of educating our local community why this measure was necessary and why we must build on this for future generations of women athletes.

Joshua Rosales lives in Murfreesboro and is a member of Latinos for Tennessee — an organization committed to promoting faith, family, and freedom to the Latino community in Tennessee.

3 thoughts on “Women’s Sports Are Still Under Threat In Tennessee (Op-Ed)

  • June 27, 2023 at 6:04 pm

    Most of this Trans garbage is nothing but for kids to get attention from the media who feed on left wing ideology.

  • June 28, 2023 at 11:07 am

    Female is female and male is male. Determined at birth.
    All this BS by those that are trying to play God suffer by both the Hitler Complex and the Josef Mengele Complex.
    Most of this lopsided thinking comes out of California and its Socialist education.
    The hatred of Christians and Catholics by the Atheist Religion is ‘Straight Out of Los Angeles’.

  • June 28, 2023 at 11:48 am

    Of course, opposing “trans” woman in womans’ sports doesn’t make one “trans-phobic”, certainly not a Latino for Tennessee.
    That’s Sad!
    But what esle to expect from another identity group, “Latinos for Tenn.”?
    NYT Reporter Robin Heman remains a Feminist Icon for having intruded into men’s locker rooms in 1975.
    If you don’t think women should compete with men in sports, what would you think is going to happen on a battlefield?
    Title IX prohibits discrimination in funding womens’ sports but now it’s women who want to discriminate?
    The Supreme Court took a wrong turn 2013-2015 ruling Defense of Marriage Act “unconstiutional”, as though Radical Republicans (imagine?) ratified the 14th Amendment over something other than race : the Civil War fought for sexual preference?
    No, Defense of Marriage actually is unconstituinal because the Feds are intruding into state jurisdiction contrary to the 10th Amenddment. That’s why Feds intruding into state voting right required a constituional amentment in 1868, the 14th.
    The Civil War and Reconstruction have done enough damage and, in fact, hav enever really stopped.
    Giving the Federal Gov’t jurisdiction over race and sex doesn’t leave anything for the states.
    Had Riley Gaines addressed that, I’d be all in. Unfortuenately, womans’ sports is pretty dull, if you’re into free market compettion.
    But, who is?
    Maybe that’s why the Russo-Chinese coalition is gaining so much traction on “multi-polarity” and the Traditional Civilizational State. They seem to have hit upon everything that we forgot.


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