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By Carmen Hunter [Founder of The Institute For Functional Health Coaching and contributor to the Tennessee Conservative] – 

Your body speaks your mind.  If you don’t believe me? Smell a lemon.  

Most people when they smell a lemon will feel their mouth-watering. Some can just see a lemon or think of one and have the same reaction.   

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One of the most important things I learned from working with so many sick people is that you can be doing everything right (All of the seven essentials I teach can be found on my youtube channel) and still not be well, still have pain, and feel sad etc.  

Last week I wrote about how we have to treat the whole person, not the parts.  So let’s remember that the mind is not a separate part of the body.  In fact, the mind can change the BRAIN and not the other way around.  

When we think unhealthy, toxic thoughts, we could be unconsciously sending a message to our body that IT is unwell.  

For example, someone who says they seem to get a migraine headache whenever they are around a certain family member, it could mean that there is some unprocessed trauma and the headache is a distraction or a message from the subconscious body that this person isn’t safe for them.  

Another example is skin eruptions.  The body expresses anger through the skin if the person is ignoring the root cause of the issue.  

We can even CREATE our own pain to avoid facing hard emotions or things that we don’t want to change.  One of my favorite books on this topic is The Divided Mind which helped me to overcome TWO years of chronic foot pain.  

Within a week it was gone after reading this book and I have been recommending it to hundreds of clients over the years, and many have had very similar results. 

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You see if something is too hard or painful, our body will create oxygen deprivation to a site on the body (old back injury or accident), which results in pain.  

Pain is an amazing distraction and can keep people from handling their sensitive issues around trauma and emotions.  So if you are a person who has done everything “right” and still aren’t well in some area of your life consider reading The Divided Mind.  

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About the Author: Carmen Hunter is the founder of The Institute for Functional Health Coaching®, Carmen Hunter Health LLC and the creator of Education, Preparation & Action.  She has over 11 years of experience in the wellness industry to include coaching hundreds of one-on-one clients, group training and teaching coaches and practitioners worldwide how to collaborate for better client outcomes and business success.  Find Carmen on Facebook and Twitter @functionalhealthcoaching and @shapereclaimedwithcarmen

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