3 Years Ago Today, Watch The Tennessee Conservative Being Born On A Bridge…

Most everyone thought I was out over my skis on March 19th, 2020.
It was a blustery but beautiful day and I was nervous. I’m rarely nervous.
You see, I had never attended a protest in my life – much less organize one.
Yet, here I was… bullhorn in hand… going with my gut, the unvarnished data and a knowledge from scripture that men are evil and love power.
You can watch it all below… (scroll down to keep reading…)

Trouble playing the video above? Watch the video on Rumble HERE.

Video Courtesy of Tin Ship Productions.

TN politicians were lying through their teeth about the effectiveness of lockdowns, masking and forthcoming forced vaccination.
The legislature abdicated their responsibility to stand as a separate branch of government, deciding to instead hide behind the tyrant Bill Lee’s skirt.
Our Constitutional rights were trampled on a scale never before seen in American history.
After the protest, the TN liberal media pilloried us… while praising the violent and Marxist Black Lives Matter protests.
Churches were shuttered. Routine health checks went undone. Suicides skyrocketed.
Small businesses closed in the tens of thousands in TN – most never reopened.
We were made to feel ashamed and embarrassed for wanting our God given rights.
And for what? Group think, authoritarianism, virtue signaling and fear of man.
It angered me to my core watching Americans – and Tennesseans in particular – collectively roll over and submit to illegitimate decrees from our government.
Rest assured: I’ll NEVER forget.
It is unforgivable.
To date, TN politicians have not paid for the damage they did to so many. They were in a position of leadership – and most of them got it wrong.
I didn’t.
As I looked around the state to make sure I wasn’t crazy, I found a few allies in Gary Humble, Andy Ogles, Janice Bowling, Rick Dramm, Terri Lynn Weaver, Glenda Pappu, Mark Pody, Bruce Griffey, Frank Ramseur, Robin Steenman, Tori Venable and others (I’m sorry if I left you out, I’m writing in a hurry so I can hang out with my kids…)
Assured that I had not lost my mind, I pressed forward – hoping to find a way to fight back.
That’s how the Tennessee Conservative was born. It was a desperate effort to fight for my rights and the rights of all Tennesseans.
Today, we continue the exact same mission.
And it could not happen without people like you standing behind us.
I know we all have short memories.
But, today is a day I will never forget – March 19th.
I remember because of what it signifies: An example in history when we let our government abuse us.
Please, never, ever forget.
I fear we will need to remember what we’ve experienced before it’s all over.
And you can rest assured the Tennessee Conservative News will be here to tell the truth – even if no one else will.
If you can donate to commemorate this special day – in essence the day our publication was born – please do it generously and cheerfully.
I promise we will use it to continue our critically important mission of defending FREEDOM in Tennessee!
Even if we stand as the only Conservative news outlet in the state.
We will STILL stand anyway.
I love you all.

God Bless,
Brandon Lewis, Founder of The Tennessee Conservative

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