Biden Builds Back Broke: Blackburn Op-Ed

Democrat Policies Are, In No Uncertain Terms, A Disaster For The American People. Our Businesses And Livelihoods Will Suffer As A Direct Result Of The Radical Whims Of Congressional Democrats Championed By The White House.

Make No Mistake — Democrats In The White House And Congress Haven’t Just Failed The American People — They Are Doing Everything In Their Power To Keep Us From Succeeding, To Destroy Small Businesses And Force Their Socialist Agenda On Main Street America.

These Proposed Tax Regulations Will Undermine Small Businesses, Bankrupt Lower-Income Taxpayers, And Enable China To Continue Its Uncontested Economic Growth. Any Effort To Subvert Outright Opposition To The Radical Tax Plan Is An Insult To The American People.

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Tennessee Chamber Of Commerce Releases COVID-19 Survey for Businesses

The Tennessee Chamber Of Commerce Is Asking Businesses Across The State To Weigh In With Their Take On COVID-19 Restrictions With A Survey Asking Their Opinion On Everything From Mask Mandates To Vaccine Requirements For Both Employees And Customers.

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Rampant Vagrancy Damages Chattanooga Business & Quality of Life

Chattanooga Residents Are Very Concerned About The People Living Underneath The South End Of The Veterans Bridge (3rd Street Overpass) And The Problems The Homeless Individuals Are Causing Throughout The Area.

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For The Preservation Of Free Enterprise: Greg Vital Op-Ed

President Joe Biden’s July 9, 2021 Executive Order Intends On Playing Chess With The Free Market By Introducing Competition To Penalize Large Corporations For Existing. And While The EO Claims To Alleviate A Reduction In Wages For Small Businesses, Those Who Own And Operate Companies Know The Bleak Reality: Someone Has To Lose.

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[Exclusive Interview] – Speaker Cameron Sexton Says Limited Government Is The Way To Go

We Have Been In A Perpetual “State Of Emergency” Since March 12th, 2020. Lee Has Issued 84 Executive Orders And Many Feel They Have Not Been Represented By The State Legislature When It Comes To These Critical Business-Killing, Freedom-Robbing Orders.

One In Four Kids In TN Read At Grade-level. Most Conservatives Are Disappointed That REAL School Choice Is Hard To Pass With TN’s Republican Supermajority.

Conservatives In TN Also Want Illegal Immigration Stopped With Legislation That Makes The State Less Of A Magnet For Illegal Aliens.

In This Exclusive Interview With House Speaker Cameron Sexton, We Tackle These Topics Making For An Interview You Do Not Want To Miss.

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Has Governor Lee Politically Neutered The General Assembly?

In Civics Class, I Was Mistakenly Taught That The Legislative And Executive Branches Were Co-Equal. I Am Increasingly Convinced That Governor Lee Politically Neutered The Legislature’s Leadership Back In Early 2020. Nothing, And I Mean Nothing Else, Could Explain Why They Never Weighed In On These Mandates That Fundamentally Changed The Lives Of Tennessee In So Many Discriminatory, Historic, Illogical And Inconsistent Ways. Over The Past 18 Months, As Tennesseans Constitutional Rights And Liberties Were Stripped Away And Life Was Turned Upside Down, I Asked Myself A Simple Question Over And Over Again: “Why Do I Even Vote For A State Senator Or Representative If They Do Not Have A Say In Life-Altering, Unlegislated Mandates?”

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Many TN Economic Indicators Trend Up, While Other Are Mixed

How Is Tennessee’s Economy Doing? A Lot Of It Is Doing Well When Compared To The COVID-19 Lows On Many Economic Indicators Such As Employment But Other Items Are Troubling, Such As There Being 40% Fewer Small Businesses In Tennessee.

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Small Business Owners Struggling To Find Workers

Small Business Owners Are Continuing To Have Problems Attracting New Workers In The Wake Of The Coronavirus Pandemic And Are Trying To Entice Them With New Incentives, A New Report From The U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Shows.

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Staffing Shortages Still Affecting Tennessee Small Businesses

“Tourism And Hospitality And Travel Industry Is The No. 2 Industry In Our State And The No. 1 Employer. It Took The Hardest Hit, With Travel, During The Pandemic. But Now We Are Open For Business, And We Are Hiring Aggressively.”

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