Dad’s Tank Tops, Save the Date, RINO Report, The Podcast, a Blissful Night [Brandon’s Brain – #8]

By Brandon Lewis –

Dad had a very dark complexion and he loved to be in the sun.

My grandmother, who I never met, was a full-blooded Indian orphan according to the elders of the family.

Not only was he dark-skinned, but he had a strange skin condition. The best way I could describe it was an assortment of fleshy bumps – they were distributed in random sizes and in random ways.

The other thing dad had going on was a naked lady tattooed on his arm. She was sitting down with her legs folded and her arms behind her head – kind of like what you see on a trucker’s mud flaps.

When I was little, I had a hard time figuring out what the tattoo was. To me, for the longest time, it appeared to be some sort of misshapen face with two very large eyes.

Those were not eyes. They were very large boobies… that had faded and blurred over time.

Dad also had club foot. One foot was turned sideways at almost a 90-degree angle pointing outward. It was, as far as I could tell, fused at the angle. It was large and squishy toward the heel.

As such, Dad had a hard time finding shoes that fit him. However, the club foot did not keep him from going on long walks with his walking stick.
Dad did have a handsome face. At least I think he did. The exception was one sunken cheekbone. This, like the club foot, was a result of a birth defect, I assume.

If you met my father walking down a grocery aisle, his gate would arrest your attention. It was odd. Different.

All this having been said, you would think that my Dad would not wear tank tops. However, he seemed to love them – especially in the summer.

Half the time he would not have a shirt on at all.

They say you turn into your parents as you age. I guess I am headed in that direction.

Three days a week, during the warm months, you’ll find me wearing a tank top. In my way of thinking, if you are going to the gym, there is little reason to change clothes three times in one day.

It’s inefficient and makes the laundry pile up.

If the weather is nice, I prefer to run around outside shirtless – piddling with this or that thing.

A lot of this has to do with being stuck behind a computer screen for hours a day.

I feel most at peace when I’m outdoors. It was my sanctuary as a child.
And it remains so.

If you see me white-trashing-around in a tank top, think nothing of it.

You can take the boy out of Dog Holler, but you cannot take the Dog Holler out the boy.

Save the Date

Get out your calendar, phone or computer.

I’d like you to save a date, please.

On the evening of Friday, August 19th and the day of Saturday, August 20th, we are going to hold the 2nd Annual Tennessee Freedom Summit.

It’s going to be bigger, and in my opinion, much better than last year.

First, let me tell you what it’s about. Then, let me tell you what it isn’t.

It’s about getting people in Tennessee together who care about the direction of our state and local governments. It’s about hearing from people who are doing the work to move our state in a more Conservative direction.

The people who have influence and are using it daily by investing time and treasure – often with little recognition or reward, if any.

We already have three confirmed speakers who have been, pardon my French, kicking ass and taking names despite massive opposition from the corporate GOP establishment.

There, I said it – because it is true.

You will walk away from this event knowing more about what’s REALLY going on in our state than 99.95% of GOP primary voters.

It’s also just going to be a ton of fun. That I can promise.

Second, here’s what it isn’t: Some out-of-town speaker who doesn’t know anything about what’s going on in Tennessee who will work you into a lather… telling you about crap you already know, yet can’t do much about.

The older and more involved I get the less I like sitting through those speeches, even if I agree with the speaker and find it entertaining.

Frankly, I’ve known just about everything I’ve needed to know about basic Conservative issues for at least 10 years. Now, I’m far more interested in how to actually make a difference regarding those issues.

I like to spend 10% of time learning about legislative and policy issues.

The other 90% I want to spend doing something about it.

If you are with me on this, you cannot afford to miss this event.

Mark your calendars for the evening of August 19th and the day of August 20th in Nashville.

Last year, we had over 100 people attend. This year, our list is about 4X larger than last year.

The room we have rented, in a very nice hotel, can only hold 250 or so.

When the tickets go on sale, make sure to get yours.

Mathematically, speaking, this thing should sell out.

Who Are the RINOs Brandon?

We are constantly being asked “who are the RINOs” by our subscribers. Constantly.

If you read our articles, we tell you how these say-one-thing-do-another-PAC-loving-RINOs vote.

However, if you are busy like most Tennesseans, it’s a lot to keep up with.


Right now, we are in the process of putting together our “Tennessee Conservative 2022 RINO Report & Tough Tusk Awards.”

This report will exclusively and only deal with the happenings of the past year and this current legislative session. We can’t get in the time machine and recount all the past transgressions.

However, with this report, you will have a good idea of who is advancing Conservative legislation and policy in our state… and who would be a lot better off running as a Democrat instead of a Republican.

I’m sure this report will make us exceptionally popular with the corporate establishment in Nashville.

Stay tuned…

Are You a Listener?

As I have said before, I’m more of a listener or a reader than a watcher.

Podcasts are how I get most of my national news – I speed them up to 1.7 and take out the “dead space” so I can get the news fast.

If you do not listen to our podcast, you are really, really missing out on the easiest way to know what’s going on in Tennessee.

Plus, we have excellent interviews in there you might want to go back and listen to.

You can access the podcast by clicking here.

Or, simply search for “The Tennessee Conservative” wherever you get your podcasts.

PLEASE consider leaving us a 5-star review. I hear it helps.

Make sure you subscribe so you get notified when we have new episodes.

A Blissful Night

I am going quite mad trying to finish our new home.

It is over budget, behind schedule and the communication/organization has been – to say the least – not to my standard.

As someone who coaches contractors for a living, it is maddening to watch the same business system mistakes unfold before my very eyes.

Mistakes I have helped over 450 contractors in 6 different countries fix… ranging from start-ups to $50MM+… independents and franchises.

It is frustrating for me, but it also makes me feel for the people doing the work.

It doesn’t have to be this way. However, there is a saying: “If you don’t pay, you don’t pay attention.”

That’s why I do not give free business advice. It is simply wasted.

However, I can see the end in sight.

I must say this: The physical workmanship has been good with very few exceptions.

We modeled the home after an 1800’s style colonial. People simply do not build new homes that look and feel old, but we have.

Last night, for the very first time, I was able to spend two hours at the new house without an agenda.

I turned on every light in the house (at least the ones that were installed) and hung out in the blissful sound of frogs, birds and wind.

Then, much to my surprise, a delightful display of fireflies began to light up the forest.

It is just now dawning on me that I am not going to be in my home of 15 years very much longer.

It is a bittersweet feeling.

This Weekend

Today, my sister-in-law, Heather, is coming down from Sevierville with her family to celebrate birthdays. I’m excited.

We are going to go out to eat as a family and my father/mother-in-law are going to join us.

Not sure what we’ll get into.

If I can make it to the fitness center pool tomorrow after Church with the kids, that is my intention.

I’m only 7 minutes away… and that’s not going to last much longer.

I’m enjoying the convenience while I can!

Thanks for Your Support

I just want to take a moment to say thank you for being a subscriber.

So few people care about what happens at the state and local level.

If it were not for the handful of us that keep up, it would be much worse than it is.

You are playing a more important role than you know.

Stay vigilant. Stay engaged.

Stay free.

Until next time…
Brandon LewisFounder
The Tennessee Conservative

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