Election 2020 : Gen Z Reacts

Photo: William Reynolds Is 14 Years Old & Lives in Chattanooga, TN.

By William Reynolds, TennesseeConservativeNews.com Contributor

On January 26, a candidate will take the oath of office of President of the United States. Over the past weeks and months, we’ve seen a deep divide within our country over ideology, candidates and belief systems. It’s been a very generational event with whole families being split apart from each other.

So how has Gen-Z reacted?

Aiden Creed, a 9th grader in Chattanooga, says he sees problems with both sides: “Elections this year seem very messy. During each debate both sides were very disrespectful, but only the Republican side got called out by the moderator.” Creed, although conservative, is wary of the election process, stating he sees voter fraud and dishonesty as a major issue.

“When I hear elections I think of voter fraud, lying, and cheating, but what should come to mind is a new president, truth, and being fair. It’s hard to think that it’s gotten this far. That people would be so corrupt for power.”

Creed seems to speak for the majority of Gen-Z conservatives, echoing the President’s claims of voter fraud and election dishonesty. Although the mainstream liberals keep claiming that there’s “nothing to see here” recent findings suggest otherwise. In Floyd County GA, over 2,000 votes were found this week and many more are sure to be found as the weeks progress. This, among many other claims in crucial swing states such as Wisconsin and Michigan, continue to illustrate the illegitimacy of the 2020 elections.

Dominic Wright, a senior from Lenoir City, TN, however, disagrees:

“When I think of elections nowadays, I think of false claims to an election without a factual basis. I think of a president who won’t follow through with America’s system because it hurts his own popularity and internet presence to leave the presidency.

Wright also has issues with the President’s personality and supposed “meanness”, stating:

“I think of the president who insulted the American people and all we worked for by his own slogans, all for quippy phrases that captivated an audience of people who were lost and were to be misled.”

We can all agree as conservatives that this is a mostly emotional argument, but Wright sees Trump supporters as lost sheep, something I think we all can disagree with very strongly. Trump supporters largely stick to fact, although the president sometimes may use hyperbole.

Gen-Z is a very politically active generation who is fostering a love for leadership and the future.

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