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By Brandon Lewis [Founder of The Tennessee Conservative] –

It’s still dark out right now. I spent last night cramming far too many things into my backpack for a few days in the wilderness with my father-in-law.

Writing this post will be the last thing I do before I’m “out of range.” No text messages, emails, phone calls or social media for three days.

Thank goodness.

As I prepare to depart, I want to share the central theme of what I have discovered running the Tennessee Conservative since October of 2022 – when trampling of our Constitutional rights by our own GOP led me to take action.

Here is the central truth: Republican leadership depends on grassroots primary voters to get elected, but they need left-leaning corporate money to stay in power.

When there is a conflict between their constituents and the money, they choose the money.

No other reason explains why illegal immigration runs rampant in Tennessee.

Why our schools are failing parents and teachers.

Why real paper ballots with serial numbers are not being used.

Why we don’t have the money to stop social media censorship, but do have billions to dole out in corporate welfare to support woke millionaires and billionaires (I sound like Bernie Sanders.)

And why we weaponize the registry of election finance to target real conservatives or pass incumbent protection legislation to shut them up.

I thought we were the party of free speech?

Not if it threatens those in power, we aren’t.

It’s. All. About. The. Money.

And the corrupting financiers are either the federal government or leftist, corporate financiers.

So, what should we do about it?

Well, sunshine is a powerful disinfectant.

Many of you have downloaded our 2022 RINO Report and Freedom Caucus Awards – and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.


It is my intention to create a “Follow the Money Report” where we inform our readers and Tennessee voters exactly who is beholden to whom based upon the campaign contributions they receive.

Visually, it’s going to be like Nascar – we’ll show you who the owners are. Each political will have a summary along with a race car, decaled according to where their money comes from.

Further, we will tell you how much money comes from individuals in their home districts vs. special interests.

We’ll start with leadership and work through whatever the funding allows.

It is my hope that this report will inform voters and help encourage politicians to be more dependent upon their constituents for campaign funding rather than those who hate our Conservative values.

This is, as I say, my hope. It is a dream.

However, there are two primary problems:

1 – This will take a lot of time and money to compile.

2 – We do not have any time or money left over here at the Tennessee Conservative since we are not funded by left-leaning corporations like 99% of other media outlets in the state.

So, for those of you who are NOT monthly contributors or steady donors already, I’m asking for your help… Please click here to help us get this thing off the ground >>

This report will take a lot of coordination and data crunching.

It will take a lot of money for the graphic design and distribution as well.

We ain’t got that money (hell, I don’t even get paid!)

So, if you would like to see more transparency in your government – if you want to be able to “follow the money” – please give now >>

As I have said before, only 4% of our subscribers have ever donated.

And that is S-A-D in my opinion.

If you are in the 96% who haven’t joined the “Thin Red Line” on the 4% column… please do so now by clicking here >>

We need your help.

Alright, no more working. It’s time to go enjoy God’s creation!

Talk to you next week!

Brandon Lewis

Founder, The Tennessee Conservative

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    That is so True!!


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