Glock Parts Manufacturer Moving From San Diego To Nashville

The Center Square [By Vivian Jones]- 

After more than a year of construction on a new headquarters facility, a parts manufacturer for Glock firearms will relocate from San Diego to Nashville next month.

GS Performance LLC, known for its major brand GlockStore, is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of performance parts for Glock firearms. The company will invest $6.9 million in Davidson County, creating about 110 new jobs over the next five years, the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development announced Thursday.

“Nashville was an easy choice for us; low taxes, minimal business regulations, logistically sound for our internet shipping operations, strategically placed to attract visitors from the entire East Coast and the cool vibe of the music scene made it the perfect place to expand,” GlockStore CEO Lenny Magill said in a statement. “It also helped that my wife, Tammy, is from Dalton, Georgia and she is happy to be back in the South!”

Renovations and retrofitting are nearly complete at the company’s 65,000-square-foot facility and are expected to be complete next month. Hiring for positions at the new facility is underway. 

“We are pleased to welcome another West Coast, California-based company to Tennessee,” Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe said in a statement. “GS Performance has established itself as a world-renowned gun manufacturer, and we thank the company for its commitment to Tennessee.”

The gun industry has seen a boom since COVID-19 shutdowns began in March. About 1.8 million firearms were sold in August, according to Small Arms Analytics & Forecasting. That spike came after about 3 million firearms were sold from March through July, the Brookings Institution said.

As of the end of September, the FBI conducted nearly a half-million more firearms background checks than in all of 2019.

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