Mayor Andy Ogles: Ask YOUR County Mayor to Stand Up for Medical Workers!

As you know, our medical systems in Tennessee are sorely understaffed. Yet our brave nurses and doctors, who led us through the pandemic pre-vaccine, recently had their medical rights sold for 20 pieces of federal and corporate silver in Nashville.

Mayor Andy Ogles, rightly judging how the labor shortage is affecting his county’s health care system, issued a state of emergency to protect his healthcare workers and preserve the ability of local hospitals to function properly for county residents. Will your county mayor stand on Conservative convictions for our brave medical workers?


Mr. Ogles urges YOU to contact YOUR county mayors and ask that they also declare a state of emergency to STAND by those in medicine who STOOD by us!

You can find the contact information for your county mayor by clicking this link.

Call and email TODAY before you get busy and forget!

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Yours in Freedom,

-Brandon Lewis, Founder of The Tennessee Conservative


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