Michele Reneau Declares Candidacy For Tennessee State Representative, District 27

Press Release –

[Signal Mountain, TN, April 2, 2024] – Michele Reneau proudly announces her candidacy for Tennessee State Representative, District 27. District 27 spans from Lookout Mountain, Lookout Valley, Red Bank, Signal Mountain, Middle Valley, Sale Creek, Soddy to Mowbray Mountain.

Reneau is running as Conservative Republican for voters who want an alternative to the current, left-leaning incumbent, Patsy Hazlewood, who often votes with Democrats to oppose Conservative legislation pertaining to illegal immigration, medical freedom, freedom of speech, Christian values, and transparency in government.

Hazlewood’s record is so liberal, she received the “RINO of the Year Award” from the Tennessee Conservative News – marking her as the most liberal Republican in the entire TN House.

A steadfast Constitutional Conservative, Reneau pledges to defend the values of faith, family, and freedom in her bid for public office.

With a deep commitment to strengthening families and upholding parental authority, Reneau aims to uphold policies that prioritize the integrity of Tennessee’s families. “Our families are the bedrock of our society, and as a State Representative, I will work to ensure they are supported and empowered,” Michele stated.

Additionally, Reneau is resolute in her stance against illegal immigration, vowing to oppose measures that would transform Tennessee into a sanctuary for those who flout our nation’s laws. “Illegal immigration poses a significant threat to safety, education, employment, healthcare, and affordable housing. We must uphold the rule of law and safeguard our borders. Tennessee should not serve as a safe haven for illegal immigrants,” Reneau affirmed. 

Central to Reneau’s platform is the defense of constitutional rights. She is committed to preserving the fundamental liberties enshrined in the Constitution, including the rights to free speech, religious freedom, and the right to protect and defend your family. “Our constitutional rights are non-negotiable. As your State Representative, I will fiercely defend these liberties against any encroachment.”

For more information about Michele Reneau and her campaign, please visit www.electmichele.com. Supporters can also stay connected through social media channels for updates and ways to get involved.

Michele Reneau’s candidacy represents a beacon of conservative principles and a promise to serve the people of District 27 with integrity, dedication, and unwavering commitment to the values of the TN and U.S. Constitution.

2 thoughts on “Michele Reneau Declares Candidacy For Tennessee State Representative, District 27

  • April 3, 2024 at 3:54 pm

    I know Michelle! She’s the way to go!

  • April 3, 2024 at 5:53 pm

    Patsy Hazlewood’s TLRC score of 77 says that the folks in District 27 can do better in their state representative. Thank-you Michele Reneau for stepping up to make it happen.


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