Neither Man Nor Government Can Take Away Our Choices

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By Catherine Weeks [contributor to The Tennessee Conservative] –

As we watch the unraveling of our country, we are barraged by emotions ranging from horror to sorrow, anger to helplessness. We don’t know whether to hold onto hope or succumb to being backed into the corner of ‘comply or else.’ My friends, we have the power, ability and privilege of making choices. That is something endowed to us by our Creator. Making choices is one of the inalienable rights of our heritage, both as human beings and as Americans.  The thing about inalienable rights is that they are, by definition, non-transferable, non-negotiable, unchallengeable and absolute. In other words, being backed into a corner is a personal choice.

It goes without saying that jobs are important, especially for the individual providing for a family. Making employees face the choice of ‘get jabbed or lose your job,’ is diabolical. However, there is an option ‘C.’ Quit your job and find another. Employers are desperate for people willing to actually work. Not an easy choice but desperate times call for drastic measures. Push back, instead of giving in.

There has been increasing friction on the subject of children’s education and the role of parents in approving or disapproving curriculum and agenda. God gives children to parents, not schools or governments. Parents have the right and responsibility to be involved in what their children are being taught. You have more than a choice in protecting and educating your children. Again, you also have options. Get involved with the school board; speak up against the brainwashing and dumbing down of our nation’s future voters. Taking your children out of public school into private or homeschool is another avenue. YOU are the expert in your child’s life whether the issue is CRT or mask wearing.

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America was built, in part, by ingenuity- thinking outside the box. Why aren’t Americans rising up with ideas about how to provide for our needs from the resources in our own country? At our humble beginnings, people survived by working together, pooling their efforts and materials. It is past time to switch “America First” from rhetoric to action. Support your local merchants and build mutually beneficial relationships within your community. Amazon is cheap and convenient. It is not pro America. Stop relying on imports from countries seeking to destroy us. 

Perhaps the most important, direction changing choice to make is rejecting the modern definition of ‘separation of Church and State.’ The Founders did not want a government-controlled church. That’s what the Puritans and Separatists came here to escape. The Framers, also, did not, in any way, contemplate a government free from the constraints and guidance of Biblical principles and morals. Christians need to stop being part of the problem by being silent on issues of morality and not standing by God’s definition of right and wrong. Acknowledging Him as Sovereign is the ultimate solution.

Change, and the choice making that supports it, is not easy. Standing up for your inalienable rights and truth puts a target on your back. Choices are risky in so many ways, but, isn’t the alternative worse? Your ability and freedom to make those choices are not given by man or government, therefore, neither man nor government can take them away from you.


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