CDC Pays TN Schools To Go Woke, Lawmakers Didn’t Know, TWRA Invades Privacy, 2nd Amendment Rights, Lee Rated “D”, Corporate Welfare + More! – The TennCon Big 7!

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#1 Tennessee’s Two Largest Public School Districts Received CDC Grants For Gay-Straight Alliance Clubs –

#2 – TN Rep Responds To Claims That Legislators Refused To Take Action On “Gender Affirming” Surgeries At Vanderbilt-

#3 – Judge Rules In Favor Of Landowners In TWRA Camera Lawsuit –

#4 – TN Court Rules In Favor Of Second Amendment Rights For Public Housing Tenants –

#5 – TN Governor Bill Lee Given ‘D’ Grade By Cato Institute For Spending, Taxing Policies –

#6 – Memphis To Ask Tennessee Taxpayers For $350M As Part Of $684M Sports Arena Projects –

#7 – Drag Queen Christmas For Nashville But No Christmas Parade –

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