Williamson Families Announces 2022 Candidate Endorsements

Williamson Families Announced Their 2022 Candidate Endorsements To A Crowd Of 400 At The County Election Kickoff On March 8th.

Image Credit: Williamson Families

Williamson Families Press Release:

Williamson Families, a coalition of local families founded to encourage and support conservative Williamson County residents to run for county office, announced its endorsements for Williamson County’s 2022 elections.

After a rigorous vetting process to ensure candidates believe in and stand for strong conservative principles, the Williamson Families endorses the following individuals in their campaigns for county office:

County Commission:

Lisa Lenox, Republican, District 1

Andrew Moriarty, Republican, District 2

Jeff Graves, Republican, District 3

Daniel Jordan, Independent, District 3

Pete Stresser, Republican, District 4

Gregg Lawrence (Incumbent), Republican, District 4

Mary Smith, Republican, District 5

Evan Bledsoe, Independent, District 5

Christopher Richards, Republican, District 7

Drew Torres, Republican, District 8

Barb Sturgeon (Incumbent), Republican, District 8

Brad Diaz, Republican, District 10

Wayne Garrett, Republican, District 11

Williamson County School Board:

Dan Cash (Incumbent), Republican, District 2

Elliott Franklin, Republican, District 4

Debbie Pace, Independent, District 6

Donna Clements, Republican, District 8

Doc Holladay, Independent, District 10

Jamie Lima, Republican, District 12

These endorsements are listed at www.williamson-families.org.


Williamson Families announced these endorsements at the County Election Kickoff on Tuesday, March 8 from 6–8:30 PM to a crowd of approximately 400 at Liberty Hall in the Factory at Franklin.  Headliners John Rich, Leigh-Allyn Baker, and Jeremy Slayden encouraged the candidates in their run for office and fired up the community to support them. The event was emceed by Big John Smith.

This event is available to watch at Williamson Families YouTube page or www.facebook.com/williamsonfamilies.

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Williamson Families PAC exists to advocate for strong family values, individual responsibility, respect for tradition, and innovation for the future. Williamson County deserves leaders that promote academic excellence and practice transparent accountability and fiscal responsibility. We support current leaders and candidates that reflect these ideals and demonstrate integrity, wisdom, and service to the community.

For more information about Williamson Families, visit williamson-families.org, Twitter @WillFamPAC, Facebook and Instagram @williamsonfamilies.  For media inquiries, contact media@williamson-families.org.

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