3M Employee Speaks Out For 1000’s Of Tennessee Workers

Following the Announcement On September 9th, 2021 Of Two Planned Executive Orders Mandating Injections Of Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines, A Message Was Distributed From Our Headquarters Stating 3M Would “Comply” With The Executive Orders Due To Having More Than 100 Employees And Because 3M Is A Federal Contractor (Thus Meaning No Option For Weekly COVID-19 Testing In Lieu Of Experimental Vaccination).  There Was No Hesitation, No Gathering Of Employees’ Opinions, And No Other Steps Taken That Would Support 3m’s Claim Of Being “Inclusive”.  It’s Simply Blatant Discrimination And Corporate Bullying.  From The Anecdotal Data I Have, Approximately 30% To 40% Of 3M Employees Are Against Forced Injections Of An Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine.  In Addition, 3M Should Be Considering A Comprehensive “Top 10” List Of Reasons To Be Against The Executive Orders And Understand The Numerous Risks To 3M’s Overall Business… 

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Submitted anonymously by concerned 3M employee –

3M is a company based out of St. Paul, MN, with annual sales of approximately $35 billion.  It is one of the 30 companies included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average.  3M employs thousands of Tennesseans in both manufacturing and sales.  While field sales reps are scattered throughout the state, manufacturing employees are based out of three plants located in:

– Clinton, TN (just north of Knoxville)

– Midway, TN (between Knoxville and the Tri Cities)

– Old Hickory, TN (just north of Nashville)

I’m writing this as a long-term employee of 3M who has worked in many different parts of the company and made multiple sacrifices with numerous relocations throughout the country.  My enthusiasm to help 3M and advance my career always outweighed the challenges and the unknowns of every move.  You could say I was a proud and loyal 3M’er who was willing to hustle and do what was needed to benefit the company.

However, over the past six or seven years, my level of commitment to 3M has gradually waned.  This is a direct result of 3M’s reduction in commitment to its employees and erosion of the culture.  I’m continually disappointed, astonished, and in disbelief about how 3M repeatedly lowers the bar and makes obvious, unnecessary, and avoidable mistakes.  At the same time, there’s a steady stream of corporate propaganda that attempts to make something negative sound good.  This includes every topic and all the language that fits within the “woke” movement.  Many employees, including myself, simply don’t trust that 3M has the best interest of its employees in mind, despite claiming to be “inclusive” of various perspectives, opinions, and backgrounds.

That brings me to the announcement on September 9th, 2021, of two planned executive orders mandating injections of experimental COVID-19 vaccines and 3M’s response to them.  Almost immediately, a message was distributed from our headquarters stating 3M would “comply” with the executive orders due to having more than 100 employees and because 3M is a federal contractor (thus meaning no option for weekly COVID-19 testing in lieu of experimental vaccination).  There was no hesitation, no gathering of employees’ opinions, and no other steps taken that would support 3M’s claim of being “inclusive”.  It’s simply blatant discrimination and corporate bullying.  From the anecdotal data I have, approximately 30% to 40% of 3M employees are against forced injections of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition, 3M should be considering a comprehensive “Top 10” list of reasons to be against the executive orders and understand the numerous risks to 3M’s overall business:

1.  Ethics:  3M should not just blindly follow unethical mandates if it truly believes it’s an ethical company.  3M should formally announce that it is against the federal government dictating what medical procedures its citizens are required to undergo, and that a company such as 3M shouldn’t be forced to ensure compliance with the medical procedures (or be fined).  If you are not against the mandates, you are a supporter of them and complicit in executing the plan.

2.  Not inclusive:  3M states it wants an inclusive culture, yet those against the experimental COVID-19 vaccines are being discriminated against based on a personal healthcare decision.  Interestingly, 3M believes it has enough clout to make an impact on social justice and devoted $50 million to the cause; how about using this influence to stand up for the 30% to 40% of its own workforce that is vehemently opposed to the mandates?

3.  Expensive to administer:  3M will have to devise a secure process for thousands of employees to submit proof of vaccination, medical exemptions, and religious exemptions (and probably booster shots), all of which is highly sensitive and personal information that must be protected.  The labor hours involved in reviewing all of these documents will be immense.

4.  Liability for vaccine injury or death:  With the number of employees 3M has throughout the US, and with the high level of adverse effects and deaths from the experimental COVID-19 vaccines, there will certainly be significant lawsuits that the experimental vaccine manufacturers won’t be liable for.  These victims will undoubtedly pursue their employer who supported the mandates and did nothing to challenge them.

5.  Termination of good employees:  3M will have to fire those who don’t get vaccinated and didn’t invoke a medical and/or religious exemption; employees won’t voluntarily leave for the most part (as 3M has made it sound so far).  This will result in factories running under capacity, significant backorders piling up, sales reps not generating customer demand, new products not being developed and marketed, etc.

6.  Severance packages:  When 3M terminates employees at certain job grades, there is typically a severance package.  These aren’t cheap, especially if you’re talking about thousands of employees all at once, and especially with long-term employees.

7.  Expensive to hire and train:  There’s a lot involved in hiring new employees and significant cost involved in training them.  In addition, with a shortage of labor in many areas of the country, 3M will likely have difficulty finding replacements and may have to pay them more.

8.  Supply chain disruption:  Large suppliers with more than 100 employees will also have to terminate many employees, meaning they may not be able to provide the raw materials 3M needs to manufacture products.  Several 3M plants also supply semi-finished goods to other 3M plants.

9.  Customer loss:  Large customers with more than 100 employees will also have to terminate many employees, meaning they may not need to purchase as many products from 3M like they normally would.  Also, when sales reps leave 3M, there is typically considerable loss of customers in those sales territories.  When customers get upset with backorders, there are usually other viable and less expensive competitors they can convert to.

10.  Evidence supports NOT GETTING VACCINATED:  This is probably the #1 reason for 3M to challenge the executive orders.  3M claims to be a company based on science.  Its slogan is “Science.  Applied to Life”.  But 3M is NOT considering the most important, most relevant, and most recent data including the VAERS database on adverse effect and deaths, infection rates in countries with high vaccination rates (ie breakthrough in Israel, Iceland), benefits of natural immunity, and that the survival rate of COVID-19 is extremely high (especially for those under 65, which is nearly 100% of the 3M workforce).

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In my opinion, 3M is underestimating the resolve of its employees who believe in the freedom to make personal health choices and are against forced injections of an experimental COVID-19 vaccine.  As usual, leadership is out of touch with its employees and arrogantly believes it knows better.  3M has the chance to prove itself and start regaining the trust of its employees, but it appears that this will be just another failure to make the right decision.  I’m prepared for disappointment yet again, and I’m prepared to be terminated if invoking my religious exemption isn’t approved.  I will stand up for what is right, and I know that thousands of other 3M employees and Tennesseans will do the same, even if 3M doesn’t.

P.S.  We haven’t heard a single word from our CEO regarding this subject as of 9/22/2021.

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6 thoughts on “3M Employee Speaks Out For 1000’s Of Tennessee Workers

  • September 24, 2021 at 6:15 pm

    Give this man an award! They can’t keep us down!!

    • September 28, 2021 at 12:36 am

      As much as 3m researches everything, there is no research being done to look at ALL the facts on this mandate to protect it’s employees , I used to be proud to work for 3m , now I’m simply frustrated and sad for what’s it’s become..

  • October 16, 2021 at 8:08 pm

    As a recent 3M retiree from Wisconsin, I can tell you that Tennessee is not alone. There are several plants in Minnesota and Wisconsin who are also trying to resist the mandate. The work atmosphere here in the Wisconsin plant has deteriorated immensely in the last 4-5 years and there no longer seems to be any appreciation for their seasoned employees.
    It’s sad to see such a formerly great company becoming just another awful job.

  • October 23, 2021 at 5:53 pm

    What if you have a medical condition like MCAS where it’s not safe to get the vaccine as there is a serious risk of anaphylactic shock and death. Or have a genuine and sincere religious belief that conflicts morally with getting the vaccine. Is this company even going that far where they don’t allow medical and religious exemptions? Because the mandate reads that employers with 100 or more employees will be required to have their employees either be fully vaccinated or get tested weekly to come to work.

  • November 11, 2021 at 1:23 pm

    St paul technical employee standing with all of you! Over a decade with the company and 3m sounds almost excited to put my family on the street. I won’t allow threats and bullying to force something into my body that has known risks and even more unknowns. I have immunity derived naturally from covid that myself and entire family contracted (no one fell ill). I made my decision about the vaccine because I have young children I need to care for and there is no benefit to me in taking on the risks of the emergency authorized vaccines using new technology that has 17k deaths in the vaers dB last time I checked.


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