Bill To Combat Executive Branch Overreach In Tennessee Dies In House Subcommittee

A Bill That Would Have Helped To Prevent Executive Branch Overreach In The State Died In The Tennessee House Public Service Subcommittee After Not Receiving A Second On The Motion To Hear The Bill.

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My Political Advice For TNED Commissioner Reynolds After Her Dumpster-Fire Senate Testimony & Much More In The TennCon BIG 7!

🔥 My Political Advice For TNED Commissioner Reynolds After Her Dumpster-Fire Senate Testimony…

GOP Leadership Hides Committee Votes From Voters Again & Throttles Access…

Ending Gov. Lee’s Abuse Of “Executive Orders”

& More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Governor Lee Promises There Will Be No New COVID Mandates in Tennessee

Governor Bill Lee Is Promising Tennesseans That He Will Not Put Out Any New Mandates Concerning The Virus – A Sharp Contrast To Statements He Made And The Countless Executive Orders He Signed During The Height Of The Hysteria.

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Divided, BOTH SIDES LOSE (Op-Ed By Kat Stansell)

Party Labels Are Dead And Gone. The Old Terms, “R”, “D”, “I”, And “L” Have Been Rendered Meaningless.
Gone Is The Party Of The “Common Man”. Gone, Too, Is The Party Of Moral And Fiscal Conservatism.
If You Think I’m Kidding, You Can Check What Gov. Bill Lee, Of The “Red State” Of Tennessee, Did During The Last Scamdemic. Lee Authorized The Activation Of Internment Camps And The Construction Of More.
He Also Invited Federal Troops Into His State To Control The Masses.

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It’s Not Just About Gun Laws – Disrespect For Our Rights Comes Easily To Our Governor And Many Others Too

The News Here In Tennessee, Of Late Is All About Gov. Bill Lee’s Support For Instituting Unconstitutional 2A Laws. We Shouldn’t Be Surprised. We’ve Known That’s Who He Is, All Along. Today, I Read That Lee Is Back On The Trail Of Trying To Recruit Out-Of State Law Enforcement. Frankly, I’m Thinking This Is About Outside Influence That We Don’t Need. Why Not TN Men And Women? Might Tennesseans Be Too Fond Of The Constitution And Try To Follow It? Just Asking. The Real Issue Is, How Did We Let It Get This Far?

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What’s Happening To This Good Red State of Tennessee? (Op-Ed)

I Moved To TN As A Political Refugee, From A State That Paid Little Heed To Our Constitution.
First, I Looked Hard At TX, SC, GA, And AL. I Chose TN And Was Thrilled When I Arrived. The People Were Courteous And Friendly. Their Children Helped Open Doors For Me, And Said Please And Thank You. Little Stuff, I Know, But Tn Felt, To Me, Like What America Used To Be.
Since I’ve Come, And Observed Tennessee Conservatism More Closely, I Am Finding Things I’d Hoped Never To See.

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Democrats Vote To ‘Rein In’ Biden’s Executive Orders

Nearly 60 House Democrats Voted With Republicans In The U.S. House Wednesday To Put A Check President Joe Biden’s Executive Orders.

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Federal Government’s Pandemic Response Inspires Tennessee State Right’s Bill

Rep. Bud Hulsey Has Introduced HB0726 That Enacts The “Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act,” To Better Verify The Constitutionality Of Actions Taken By The Federal Government.

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Emergency Powers Bill Update: Changes Will Remove Governor’s Ability To Re-Issue Orders

New Legislation Filed Yesterday Replaces HB0189 With HB0422 That Removes The Governor’s Ability To Re-Issue The Same Order Once The Order Has Expired. Additionally, The New Version Of The Bill Changes The Process For Renewal To A House Joint Resolution, Versus The Passage Of Legislation.

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