8 Steps to Freedom

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By Danielle Goodrich [contributor to The Tennessee Conservative] –

There are 8 steps to walking a country into Communism. We know this because many countries have made this transition. We see these steps currently happening in our country and around the world.

So what can “We The People” do?

We can create 8 Steps to Push Back. 

Take Back Healthcare

Taking over healthcare is the first step of the eight levels of controls by Saul Alinsky to transform a nation through socialism into communism.

Healthcare has been taken over by bureaucrats. Individuals are no longer able to make health decisions for themselves and their families. And doctors are no longer able to make decisions for their patients. 

So we take back healthcare. A Conservative Doctor on our local school board was canceled for standing up for principles conservatives are supposed to stand for. 

Returning the rights to the people to do what is best for them and their families is listed in the Republican platform. And because she stood for these principles as a voting member of our school board. Her employer canceled her. 

When God closes one door. He often opens a window. And now this Doctor is opening her own practice. Where she doesn’t have to listen to the dictates of a healthcare monopoly. We need more freedom doctors walking away from the chains of corporate medicine. And setting up private practice where they can self-govern and practice their trade as they were intended. 

Another way we can take back healthcare is by making ourselves healthy so we can opt out of the system. 78% of people hospitalized for COVID were obese. The government and your neighbor can’t make you healthy. But they will make you trade your liberty with empty promises that they can.

Health takes daily decisions and commitment. We commit to walking away from prescription subscriptions and walking towards the freedom health allows.

Consumer voice has been entirely removed from medicine. Liability has been as well. And those are the two ways that we, the consumer, help ensure a safe product is on the market. We push for consumer ratings in medicine. Consumer experience cannot be censored or vilified. We push for liability to be reinstated. Because without it, healthcare is not a free and fair market. It is what allows for force and coercion. Which is unacceptable in a free country.

We create a system, which cares more about people than profit. A system, which promotes healing instead of disease. We put the care back into the practice. We take back healthcare.

Self-Governance and Sustainability 

Steps 2, 3 and 5, have to do with driving up poverty levels and making people dependent on the government. 

With hyper inflation and people sitting at home collecting checks for months, and now our healthcare heroes facing unemployment, we are on a path to dependency. 

So we cut the cord with the system and make a self-sustaining one. 

Think “Atlas Shrugged,” and the society the producers created when they were tired of being the only ones producing. We are the producers. We are the backbone of America.

Freedom food. Freedom travel. Freedom communities.

We make co-op food stores, which don’t require communist passports. Neighbors helping neighbors.

It used to be communities, which came together to help build back a barn burned down. But due to insurance, they used fear, to make people look at neighbors as an enemy instead of a friend. A practice perpetuated again with COVID. 

We reestablish communities. We get creative. We barter. We trade. We become self-sustaining. We set up our own system.

Hold On To Your Guns

Step 4 is to disarm the public.  We reject any step, which takes us in this direction. This may look like Red Flag laws. And when Christian, Conservative Parents are Domestic Terrorists, it’s not hard to see where this could go. 

Don’t let it. Ever.

Don’t give them an inch. In the words of Kitty Werthman, Holocaust survivor, “Keep your Guns and Stock up on Ammo. A dictatorship didn’t happen overnight.”

Hitler used childhood gun accidents as his excuse to make everyone register their weapons. And when the gun accidents kept happening. He knew who had them, and had them all turn them in. Remember the push to make us register ammo? If we understand history we know how to combat it. 

Take Back Education

Controlling education is how communists creep from socialism, which is slavery by vote, to communism, which is slavery by force. We need to take back education.

Winning VA is a step in the right direction. 

CRT is Marxist theory. It’s socialism. Teaching children math is racist don’t learn it, you are oppressed. That philosophy is the oppressor. 

We teach self-governance. We teach the American dream. We teach you can be anything you want if you work hard. Not because of your neighbor. Or your government. You.

All of the philosophies they are teaching are co-dependent philosophies. They are enslaving instead of empowering. 

We push for money to follow the child. And if we can’t get it, we send our children to Christian schools. And if that’s not an option. We homeschool. 

Socialist education, is why we have a socialist problem spiraling into a communist one. 

Because when you take your child to be educated by Caesar, Don’t be surprised when you get back a Roman. 

They have been raising generations of Romans, generations of secular socialists. 

Write God Back In

Step 7, they must write out God so that government becomes the highest authority. 

We write God back in.

The Bible should’ve never been taken out of schools. A country built on biblical principles is why we were free. A country walking away from biblical principles is why we are losing freedom. 

God or the Divine is mentioned over 200 times in our collective state Constitutions. Does that sound like our founding fathers intended to separate out God?

The separation of Church and State ruling in 1947 was also misguided. Our founding fathers sourced the concept of law on The Bible.

Separation of Church and State is not found in our Constitution.

And the intent from Jefferson’s letter, where it is found, is the other way around. The church is a sovereign entity. And the authority they follow is that of God’s. As the authority of man, and therefore government, can be misguided. As we have seen all throughout history. And all of last year, persisting into this one. 

Godly principles were never intended only to remain in the confines of Church one day a week. But intended to be present and forefront in our daily lives. 

“Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, “Religion and Morality are indispensable supports.” George Washington (Farewell Address, 1776)

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.” John Adams

Antonio Gramsci a Marxist said, “socialism will be precisely the religion needed to overwhelm Christianity.” 

I say, Christianity is precisely what is needed to overwhelm socialism.

United We Stand

Step 8 is class warfare, which has been replaced with race warfare.  But the speaking points are the same. Equity. But what share of what someone else earned is your fair share? It’s socialism. It’s division.

Except it’s harder to divide people by race and class. 

Because in America due to the American Dream, we have all different races in all different classes. So that narrative is losing steam, as we saw in Virginia, as leaders who contradict it, emerge. 

We teach that our country was built on the backs of amazing leaders who worked towards freedom. Martin Luther King’s dream was for us to be color-blind. We can’t be that when we are calling one an oppressor and another the oppressed.  Should we blame every Japanese child for Pearl Harbor? It would be graceless. 

“I urge you, brothers and sisters, to watch out for those who cause divisions…” Romans 16:17

We stand united. We don’t let them divide us. 

That’s it. Seems pretty simple, right?

Well we can accomplish these goals as “We The People.”

And a step forward in this direction would be to get people who will stand for these principles in office. We help them influence change by showing up. Speaking up. And standing up. 

Will you help push back? 

Start building out these steps. Run for office. Or support someone you know who will stand for change. And we will stand with you.

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