A Celebration Of Freedom Of Speech And Faith

Press Release –

Franklin, TN – In June of 2023, Joe Cocchini was arrested by City of Franklin police for criminal trespassing during the Franklin pride event held at a public park. Others were denied entry just for carrying a Bible or asked to leave because they “made people feel uncomfortable”. 

Joe, who did not cause a scene or harass those in attendance, was walking around the festival chatting with vendors and purchasing goods when Franklin police approached and asked him to leave. When he questioned them, asking if the park was public or private, he was arrested and forcibly removed from the event. Pride officials also denied entry to others who were merely carrying a Bible or wearing shirts that said Jesus. 

The Board of Mayor and Alderman narrowly approved the festival after Pride organizers invited drag queens to the event the previous year. Hundreds of Franklin residents attended BOMA meetings to convey their opposition to Franklin Pride carrying out their festival on property owned by taxpayers. Some Alderman who voted against the permit even offered to help the organization find a private venue to hold the event. 

Supporters of Joe Cocchini will be hosting a rally in his honor on Friday, August 25 at the Johnny Cash Hideaway Farm in Lyles, Tennessee to celebrate our constitutional right to speak freely and worship God.

Joe Cocchini will give a first-hand account of his experience at the Franklin Pride event, the 917 Society will have pocket Constitutions, The Shaw Family Band and Poets and Prophets will be singing worship and patriotic songs, and other speakers will share about American freedoms. 

We urge you to join us in supporting Joe through his legal trial and to stand up for the traditional values that make Franklin what it is.

Click this link to register today! 

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