Ending Child Mutilation, GOP Club Falls Apart, “Magical” Drag Experience Canceled, School Choice Departs, Woke Universities & More! -TennCon’s Big 7

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#1 – Upcoming Rally Aims To Push For An End To Child Mutilation In Tennessee – https://bit.ly/3SHf04V


#2 – All Ages “Magical” Drag Experience Canceled After Knoxville Community Speaks Up – https://bit.ly/3MsbJ7z

Bonus Story: Hamilton County Conservatives Sponsor Statewide Petition To Demand Age Requirement For Drag Shows – https://bit.ly/3EosLkD

# 3 – GOP Club Falls Apart After Censorship Demands From State Leadership – https://bit.ly/3rD3kUW

#4 – Metro Nashville Council’s Planned Parenthood Grant Will Not Include Out-of-State Abortion Travel – https://bit.ly/3Et3vKp

#5 – American Classical Education Withdraws Applications For Tennessee Charter Schools – https://bit.ly/3T1je7f

#6 – TN Universities Refuse Comment On How They Will Implement New Intellectual Diversity Law – https://bit.ly/3fPxuSc

#7 – UT Faculty Protest New Law By Teaching Divisive Concepts During “Speak In” – https://bit.ly/3T5hv0C

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