Hamilton County Church Voter Guide Now Available for Request

Nonpartisan Guides Focused On Topics Of Specific Interest To Christian Voters

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By Church Voter Guides –

As Americans are increasingly finding out, every election matters, especially when it’s in your hometown. But getting ourselves and others “out to vote”  is NOT enough. We must be informed in order to vote our values, especially as people of faith, and especially when it involves our children…and our tax dollars. 

Church Voter Guides provide voters with critical information about where candidates stand on key issues, not a simple yes or no answer. We took questions that were submitted by citizens of Hamilton County and will submit them to candidates in competitive races. Your questions are being finalized; the candidates will be answering you directly. Candidate questionnaires will be submitted on February  25th. Voter guides with each of their answers will be compiled and available to the public on March  21st.  

To get alerted as soon as Voter Guides are available and to receive updates, visit VoteChattanooga.org and add your name securely to our email list. 

If you have any questions or want to get involved, please join us on February 18th from 6 – 9 p.m. at  Apison Baptist Church for our local potluck. (Food is not required to attend – we usually have plenty!) For more information, please contact Rick Toner at (423) 910-9105 or Info@VoteChattanooga.org

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“Church Voter Guides, a Chattanooga-based nonprofit, initially started in Colorado Springs said Rick Toner, Voter Guide spokesman. “What makes this Guide unique is that it is: 1) nonpartisan, meaning  that it does not support or oppose any specific candidate or party, 2) asks the candidates about topics that are of great interest to Christian voters (and gives them up to 120 words to answer), and 3) is specifically designed to be 501(c)(3)-compliant so that it may be promoted and distributed through local churches and other 501(c)(3) organizations. Plus, it will soon be available online to read and download for free. 

“The purpose of this Voter Guide is to educate and inform voters about each candidate’s positions on a variety of policy issues that they are likely to address if elected,” Toner added. “Candidates running for Hamilton County are being surveyed regarding their positions on such topics as Critical Race Theory,  sex-ed, the parent’s role in their child’s education, COVID-19 protocols, pro-life positions and more.  Candidate answers to the questionnaire are published in the Voter Guide verbatim (with no editing,  revision, or editorializing), thereby ensuring that candidates’ responses accurately represent their positions and perspectives on these crucial issues. This information is then simply shared through the  online Guide, allowing voters to decide whom they believe to be the best candidate.”

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