What Can Be Done About Illegal Immigration In TN: Griffey Op-Ed

I Believe The Vast Majority (If Not Every Tennesseans Minus The Crazies) Expects And Demands That Our Laws Are Obeyed By Everyone Equally. That Includes Our Immigration Laws And The Legal Process To Be Able To Come To The US And Work Here.

Ignoring The Law Or Letting Some People Get Away With Breaking The Law Undermines The Very Fundamental Fabric That This Country Was Founded Upon – Equal Justice For All. If We Don’t Follow And Apply The Law Equally To Everyone, It Will Have Disastrous Consequences.

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Reporting Suspected TennCare Fraud Just Got Easier

Tips from Tennesseans Result In More TennCare Fraud Investigations Than Any Other Method And Now It’s Easier Than Ever To Report Suspected TennCare Fraud To The Office Of Inspector General, Which Investigates Fraud Among Members Of The State’s Healthcare Insurance Program.

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Panhandling Problem Plagues Chattanooga Streets

Once called “the dirtiest city in America” by Walter Cronkite, Chattanooga earned the nickname “Scenic City” after turnaround projects beginning in the early 2000s. However, many home and business owners feel that Chattanooga is on the downslide due to increased littering, panhandling and homelessness.

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