Hamilton County Commission Shells Out More Money In Wamp-Taylor Lawsuit

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The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

On Wednesday, the Hamilton County Commission voted to approve the payment of more legal fees related to the lawsuit between Weston Wamp and Rheubin Taylor, bringing the total cost to nearly $290,000.

Both parties have agreed to drop the case that was making its way through Chancery Court, stating that they will “work amicably” together going forward.

County Mayor Wamp said, “It’s time to move on and move past this chapter. I’ve learned a lot about how slow the judicial system works.”

County Attorney Taylor agreed, stating, “It’s my desire to work with anyone – the mayor and everyone.”

Wamp also noted, “Unfortunately, litigation is extremely expensive…by the time an appeal would be heard, Taylor’s contract will be nearly expired…we decided it was best to forgo an appeal.”

Two payments of $24,500 were previously approved to Chartwell Law, the attorney for County Mayor Wamp. Another $151,000 is being added from this resolution. 

The commission has also agreed to cover $65,000 in legal fees from former Judge Neil Thomas, who represented County Attorney Taylor in the suit. 

The commission had previously approved $25,000 for attorney John Konvalinka.

The lawsuit stemmed from a termination letter given to Taylor shortly after Wamp went into office.

Taylor then filed a lawsuit in Chancery Court. He also got a restraining order that allowed him to remain in office. 

An answer and a countersuit were filed by County Mayor Wamp. 

Chancellor Jeff Atherton validated the position of County Attorney Taylor, who said he had a contract approved by the County Commission. The contract is still in effect. 

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