Pray That Tennessee’s Legislative Leaders Find Courage To Defend State’s Model Pro-Life Policies

“Tennessee is an instructive example. The state (has) a complete abortion ban, one of the strictest in country… Some moderate Republicans said they wanted to change that last year… A lobbyist for Tennessee Right to Life came in and testified and disagreed with the bill.  And he very specifically said that the language concerned him and he didn’t want that to be in any changes to the law.”  (The measure was defeated.) ~ Pro-Publica Reporter Kavitah Surana for National Public Radio

Image Credit: Tennessee Right to Life

-by Stacy Dunn [President, Tennessee Right to Life] –

Once again this week pro-abortion activists and media outlets around the nation have focused their attention on Tennessee and our protective pro-life policies. Not surprisingly, National Public Radio (NPR) made Tennessee’s hard-won pro-life laws a matter of public discussion in an effort to turn listeners and voters against Tennessee Right to Life and our efforts to protect unborn children and their mothers from the abortion industry. 


Reporter Kavitha Surana began her story by stating that “anti-abortion religious activists” successfully blocked efforts to weaken pro-life protections in “really conservative states.”

Those “religious activists” in “conservative states” are you and me—and the many thousands of other pro-life Tennesseans who helped us during the 2023 legislative session when abortionists and medical organizations tried to weaken the Human Life Protection Act. Our friends in the legislature told us that they had never before seen such an outpouring about any piece of legislation. 

What happened during that legislative session was truly a miracle from God, but Ms. Surana and her friends in the media don’t recognize the miraculous.

They want to portray the miracle as some kind of devious plot by people of faith. They don’t understand why we do what we do. They can’t fathom that those of us who are in this struggle for life have nothing to gain personally except the peace of knowing that innocent human lives are being spared in our state.

In the days leading up to January’s opening of the General Assembly, we can expect these attacks to be heightened.

We must pray and be vigilant in our efforts to encourage our pro-life family, friends, neighbors and church members to seek the truth and connect with pro-life sources such as Tennessee Right to Life. Once they are connected, they become part of the powerful grassroots effort that made such a difference last session. We are all in this together.

This week, let us pray and fast for our legislative leaders that they may find courage and resolve to continue to defend Tennessee’s model pro-life legislation. Let us pray for pro-life Tennesseans to understand that our struggle to protect and provide for our state’s most vulnerable citizens is far from over. Let’s also pray for those in the media who desire to be true journalists. May God open their eyes and their hearts to the TRUTH.   

Thank you for praying and fasting for an end to abortion.

3 thoughts on “Pray That Tennessee’s Legislative Leaders Find Courage To Defend State’s Model Pro-Life Policies

  • November 30, 2023 at 7:25 pm

    Repubs shouldn’t listen the abortion extremists who want to turn their religious views into law – they will lose elections and if the Dems get control of the US House we are in big trouble. You can see the religious talk above.

    To not have an exception for women who are raped is cruel and disgusting, and that was used in 2022 and in the last election against Repubs. I won’t donate to anyone who would force a woman to have a rapist’s baby. If the daughter of any of the people who want that law is raped, I don’t think they will force their daughter to have the rapist’s baby.

    Since 1975 there were 20 million abortions. 80% were by low-income unwed welfare women. If those babies had been born America would be Marxist and the Leftists would have total control. The kids would have grown up without fathers and 80% would be Dems.

    A fetus can’t survive until at least 20 weeks. Will you regulate sperm too? It’s alive.

    Don’t push your religious views into law. If you’re really serious, adopt some of those kids or at least pay for them. Do the “pro-life” groups promote that? How many kids have they adopted or funded to help have a good life? None? Talk about that.

    Abortion is the biggest attack the Dems have.

  • November 30, 2023 at 11:39 pm

    These pro abortion say how awful to see babies executed by terrorists yet do the same by having a Abortion!!

    • December 1, 2023 at 1:06 am

      You don’t see a difference? Would you force your daughter to have a rapist’s baby?


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