The Human Life Protection Act Is Now Under Attack!

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By Tennessee Right To Life – 

The Human Life Protection Act is saving an estimated 900 children from being aborted in our state each month. It is one of the strongest laws in the nation to protect unborn children and is working as legislators intended when they passed it in 2019.

Senator Ferrell Haile and Representative Iris Rudder have filed a bill to weaken Tennessee law that is protecting the right to life of ALL unborn children.

The bill (HB1440/SB857), co-sponsored by Representatives Patsy Hazelwood, Esther Helton-Haynes, Mark White, Sam Whitson and Senators Richard Briggs, Becky Massey, Bill Powers and Ken Yager, would remove protections for some of Tennessee’s most vulnerable citizens by allowing some children to be aborted through certain exceptions. 

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These sponsors and co-sponsors have been supportive of pro-life legislation in the past, but if their proposal becomes law, it will be the beginning of the efforts to chip away at Tennessee’s strong law. Nothing would please the abortion industry more than weakening the strongest pro-life law in the nation. 

We cannot let this happen. Children’s lives depend on us.  

Please contact the sponsors and co-sponsors today using the link below and ask them to withdraw their support of this bill!

Email sponsors of HB1440/SB857 Here.

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