Sexton & McNally’s Bill To Censor Conservative Groups 60 Days Before Elections Is Disgusting…

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By Brandon Lewis [Founder of the Tennessee Conservative] –

I need YOU to do something TODAY.

But please, FIRST read this commentary all the way to the end so you KNOW what’s going on.

I’m afraid you won’t believe it, but it’s true…

A leaked document provided to the Tennessee Conservative has revealed that Speaker Cameron Sexton and Lt. Governor Randy McNally are seeking to CENSOR the free speech rights of grassroots Conservative groups 60-days before an election.

No, this is not legislation presented by left-leaning democrats.

These are “Republicans.” This is our leadership.

This was not openly discussed or voted on in committee.

Oh no. This was deviously crammed into a large, secretive “caption bill” in a very unethical way that lacks the kind of transparency that voters should expect.

What does this bill say? Here it is…

Grassroots Conservative groups may not send communication that “expressly contain the name or visually depict the likeness of a state or local candidate in a primary or general election 60 calendar days immediately preceding a primary or general election.”

Yep. You just read that right.

Plain, old-fashioned, leftist censorship.

If these organizations dare to tell Republican primary voters about the records of those running, they will have to go through the expensive ordeal of reporting all their grassroots contributors publicly so they can be doxed and tracked by leftists online – just like Trump donors were.

What kind of groups will be specifically targeted by this legislation?

– Tennessee Right to Life
– Tennessee Firearms Association
– Tennessee Stands
– The Beacon Center
– Americans for Prosperity
– American Federation for Children (School Choice)
– American Patriot Coalition
– And the List Goes On…

I need you to do TWO things (keep scrolling past the names)…

#1 – If you disagree with this type of heavy-handed, secretive, free-speech-killing legislation, please contact these legislators and ask them to REMOVE this from the secretive caption bill…

Leadership Pushing the Bill

Speaker Cameron Sexton (R)- – (615) 741-2343

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (R)- – (615) 741-6806

House Local Government Committee

John Crawford (chair) (R)– – (615) 741-7623

Dave Wright (vice-chair) (R)– – (615) 741-6879

Kent Calfee (R)– – (615) 741-7658

Dale Carr (R)– – (615) 741-5981

Ron Gant (R)– – (615) 741-6890

Esther Helton (R)– – (615) 741-1934

John B Holsclaw, Jr (R)– – (615) 741-7450

Tom Leatherwood (R)– – (615) 741-7084

Eddie Mannis (R)– – (615) 741-2287

Debra Moody (R)– – (615) 741-3774

#2 – Let me tell you why this burns me up, aside from the obvious…

Neither McNally nor Sexton sponsored or pushed a SINGLE bill on Illegal Immigration or School Choice – yet TN is in its worst immigration and school performance crisis in HISTORY!

We could not even get a bill passed in the General Assembly about transparency for taxpayer funded lobbyists! So, we can’t track how your tax dollars are being spent to fight against your interests, but we can sure as hell track small Republican and Conservative donors!

With all the issues at hand, this is what they want to focus on?

Right now, left-leaning, corporate special interests spend almost $500K per legislator to curry favor in Nashville for votes.

Many of these legislators get 50-70% of their money from special interest PACs who want them to vote this or that way on the committees they serve on.

This is a MASSIVE conflict of interest.

Yet who do they want to target, silence and expose? Little piss-ant, hardly funded Conservative groups.

Talk about bullying and abuse of power.

Now, do you STILL WONDER why I didn’t set up the Tennessee Conservative as a non-profit?

It’s because I’ve watched the witch hunts other organizations like National Review and the NRA have gone through when leftists and Republican Corporatists go after their tax-exempt status.

That’s EXACTLY what is happening here in my opinion. Make no mistake.

Now, this is a David and Goliath battle.

We are in the middle of it – and only a handful of Patriots like you care or pay attention.


So, please do 3 things here at the end…

#1 – Call & email all the officials listed in this email and tell them to STOP the CENSORSHIP PUSH against CONSERVATIVES in HB 1201.

#2 – If you can help us before GOP leadership comes after us next, please click here to contribute.

Unlike the well-funded, leftist lobbying firms, we need your support.

No one else is doing the work we are to safeguard your freedoms. It ain’t easy and the pay is terrible. I don’t get any at all.

#3 – Read the full article about this nonsense AFTER you’ve done #1 and hopefully #2.

With the leadership we have currently it is a full-time job just protecting the rights we have – much less getting anything done in the legislature.

I had hoped to write a light-hearted note for this weekend about my recent camping trip, but sadly this is what you are getting instead!

You can thank Sexton & McNally for that.

I hope you had a great weekend!

Fighting for Freedom (though getting a bit tired of it…)

Brandon LewisFounder
The Tennessee Conservative

2 thoughts on “Sexton & McNally’s Bill To Censor Conservative Groups 60 Days Before Elections Is Disgusting…

  • April 12, 2022 at 12:17 am

    Since when are the Republicans so anti-conservative? When did all this start? This article makes it sound as if they’re just as bad as the Democrats.

  • April 12, 2022 at 2:56 am

    Thank you Brandon. Good job.


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