Speaker Sexton Ready To Cooperate And Testify In Casada/Cothren Trial If Needed

Image Credit: Speaker Cameron Sexton / Facebook

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

House Speaker Cameron Sexton says he stands ready to testify in the federal trial against former Speaker Glen Casada and his former aide Cade Cothren, if he is called to do so.

The trial is currently set for October 3.

Following a Wednesday meeting at the state Capitol, Sexton told reporters, “I think they’re still doing all of their little preliminary hearings and such. But, I’m sure if the prosecution decides if they need to call me as a witness and others, they’ll do it.”

Casada and Cothren are charged with conspiracy for their plot to run a bribery and kickback scheme that involved the state legislature’s taxpayer-funded constituent mail program.

Sexton previously testified in 2022 as federal agents investigated potential conspiracy and bribery within the state legislature.

When he spoke before a grand jury at that time, Sexton stated that he was not a target of the federal probe and that he simply gave “factual information” to the jury.

“I think it’s important to remember I think grand juries, state and federal, are unique and different, and the federal process requires an individual to be subpoenaed to either (be) one of three people. One’s a target. I’m not a target, never received a target letter. Another one is a suspect, which I am not. And then third is a witness that provides factual information, a factual witness per se. Today, my role is to provide information and be a factual witness, which I happily did and answered all the questions under oath,” Sexton told news reporters after his testimony.

Sexton has maintained that he has cooperated with the requests of federal agents throughout the process and is prepared to continue to do so.

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