Stop Losing Sleep Over ‘Poor’ Decisions

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By Carmen Hunter [Founder of The Institute For Functional Health Coaching and contributor to the Tennessee Conservative] – 

As December begins, people will start the process of multiple Starbucks stops during shopping, quick Chik-Fil-A drive-through visits en route to other stores, and secret Santa parties (aka wine parties for women). What inevitably comes next? The “lose sleep” type of guilt piled on thick as those decisions get in bed with us every night. It doesn’t have to be this way, and it SHOULDN’T be.    

So how do you:

a. Make better decisions while on the go go go!

b. Get a good night’s sleep when you’ve had 5 Starbucks, three Chik-Fil-A sandwiches, and four glasses of wine?

First, remember being prepared is more than half the battle when trying to make good decisions. If that means bringing a quality brand thermos to keep your coffee hot all day while you shop and a lunch bag to pack your lunch and snacks, then so be it! By the time you have stopped for lunch and coffee, you could have bought a lifelong quality Yeti (I love the brand!) that you can use for anything all year long. 

Second, if you choose to budget for stops instead of packing your yummies, that can even help you make better decisions on where you stop and what you get. 

Third, if you want to go ALL out and do the Starbucks, Chicken sandwich wine party? ENJOY it!  BUT, be present while you are doing it, and allow no judgment or guilt to come in and ruin the experience. Then? Go to bed and give thanks for a day that you thoroughly enjoyed, and don’t lose one wink over it.  

So much of what happens to our health is what happens IN our mind, and if we are bound and determined to make excuses about why we don’t choose better options for our health, then we need to be ready to use our mind to “let go” when our choices don’t match what we know is best. 

No matter what we decide, we should remember that we are the ONLY ones who can control how we feel. Knowing that we have this power can shift us closer to a healthier mindset and options. All stress starts in the mind, then when it tells stories to the body, we start having issues with health.  So let’s avoid that and create a healthier way of nurturing our minds.

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About the Author: Carmen Hunter is the founder of The Institute for Functional Health Coaching®Carmen Hunter Health LLC and the creator of Education, Preparation & Action.  She has over 11 years of experience in the wellness industry to include coaching hundreds of one-on-one clients, group training and teaching coaches and practitioners worldwide how to collaborate for better client outcomes and business success. Find Carmen on Facebook and Twitter @functionalhealthcoaching and @shapereclaimedwithcarmen Subscribe to Carmen on YouTubeCarmen Hunter Health on Mighty Networks

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