Don’t Forget To Say Grace… And Give Yourself Some Too!

Let’s Try To Get Some Perspective This Season And Remember A Few Important Things. The Perfect Gift Can’t Be Bought, And While We May Not Be Able To Develop A Love For The Difficult Family Member, We Can Extend Forgiveness, Love, And Good Energy, From Our Heart To Improve Our Experience Sharing Space. The Other Thing We Can Do Is To Extend Grace To Ourselves For Not Being Perfect Ourselves.

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Juicing – Good Idea Or Bad Idea? – TTC Health & Wellness

One Of The Best Things I Ever Did For Our Health Was To Bring A Juicer Into The Kitchen When My Son Was A Toddler. Talk About Sneaking In The Kale And Spinach! We Made It Fun, And I Got Him A Pampered Chef Kids Knife So He Could “Cut” The Fruit With Me. Those Are Some Of My Favorite Memories Even Today As I Make Them For Him And His Girlfriend At 16 Years Old. So Is Juicing A Good Idea? Maybe.

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Is Fear Preventing You From Standing Up For Your Medical Freedom? – TTC Health & Wellness

Are You Struggling To Find Your Voice? You’re Not Alone. So Many People Believe In Health And Medical Freedom And Want To Stand Up For Themselves During These Crazy Times. Still, They Don’t Know How, Fear May Be Holding Them Back, Or They May Have Some Old Belief That Prevents Them From Using Their Voice. The Problem Is That Your Voice Matters Now More Than Ever, And Without More People Speaking Up, Standing Up, And Fighting For Their Freedom, We Will See Less Of That “Freedom” We Desire.

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Trauma & Our Kids – TTC Health & Wellness

The Subject Of Trauma Isn’t Talked About Enough For What Is Happening Today.

As Someone Who Experienced, Studied And Coached People On This Subject, It Is Something I Am Working Hard To Bring Awareness To. It Has Everything To Do With How Healthy We Are In Our Mind As Well As Our Body.

Please Watch This Interview Carmen Hunter Did With Aimie Apigain About Kids And Trauma.

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