Censoring TN News Outlets & Companies, No Relief For TN Kids In State Custody, Patient’s Rights, Election Integrity & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7!

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The Stories –

• New Legislation Seeks To Censor News Outlets And Companies In Tennessee – https://bit.ly/3Ji5pQb

• Lamberth Withdraws Bill For Loosening Illegal Immigration Standards For Law Enforcement – https://bit.ly/3wyZ1MT

• Proposed Legislation Offers No Relief For Tennessee Children In State Custody – https://bit.ly/3Ji5pQb

• Patients’ Rights Bill Introduced In TN For Second Year In A Row – https://bit.ly/3XKdDoO

• New Tennessee Legislation Aims To Clean Up Voter Rolls – https://bit.ly/3Y0J3a7

• TN Republicans Continue to Prioritize Foreign Labor Over Their Own Constituents – https://bit.ly/3Dkxl26

• Tennessee Lawmaker Sends Letter To School Board To Clarify Laws Regarding Book Removals – https://bit.ly/3HBWfwR

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