Tennessee Court Of Appeals States That Parents Have The Right To Contest Critical Race Theory Curriculum

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Williamson County, TN –

In a landmark decision, the Tennessee Court of Appeals has overturned a previous ruling concerning the Williamson County School Board’s curriculum, specifically the use of the Wit & Wisdom curriculum, which had been contested by Parents’ Choice Tennessee and local parents.

This reversal allows for further court proceedings to challenge the curriculum’s compliance with state laws regarding educational standards.

The appellate court has notably reinstated the claim regarding the alleged use of Common Core-aligned instructional materials, deemed non-compliant with Tennessee’s educational statutes.


This decision underscores the importance of adhering to state laws designed to maintain the integrity of educational content and the rights of parents to influence their children’s education.

Parents’ Choice Tennessee, representing over 1,400 stakeholders, including parents and grandparents from Williamson County and beyond, continues to advocate for educational content that aligns with community values and statutory requirements. The organization is dedicated to ensuring that educational materials are not only lawful but also reflect the values of Williamson County families.

This case does not just aNect those directly involved but also sets a precedent that could influence educational practices throughout Tennessee. As the case returns to the lower courts, Parents’ Choice Tennessee and the involved families look forward to a thorough review of the curriculum under the guidelines set forth by state law.

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