Montgomery County GOP Threatens Harm To Outspoken Conservative Vice Chair And Unethically Forces Removal

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Through an organized conspiracy of the Montgomery County GOP’s Executive Committee (CEC), led by Chairman Doug Englen, Vice Chair Olivia Lupia is forced to resign from her elected position in the Montgomery County Republican Party (MCTNGOP).

Olivia Lupia, a political refugee from Colorado and outspoken conservative with vast experience in the GOP and political arena including running for office, managing county to federal level campaigns, and working alongside state legislators, was elected as Vice Chair to the MCTNGOP in February 2023. 

On March 3rd, 2023, three days after the county GOP elections, Cathy Kolb (President of Red River Republican Women and CEC member) stated, “We may have to unite behind Doug to keep the Vice Chair squashed,” in a group text inclusive of other CEC members, evidence the CEC has conspired against Ms. Lupia for over a year culminating in the current effort for her removal.

Chairman Doug Englen, on behalf of the CEC, sent a request for Ms. Lupia’s resignation on March 29th, 2024 without any evidence or supporting documentation, yet threatened, “harm to both the party and yourself,” should she choose not to comply. Olivia refused to resign and asked for evidence to be provided justifying the request and threats made against her person, receiving no response. 


Instead, on April 13th she was notified that a hearing was scheduled per the TN state GOP bylaws for removal of an officer for “cause.” In their “evidentiary” letter, the CEC could not cite a single bylaw violation, only thinly veiled claims of insubordination based on non-existent policies fabricated by the Chair.

Under TN state GOP bylaws Rule G, the county Chair presides over the hearing, and the CEC (consisting of 10 members) acts as accuser, jury, judge, and executioner, with no impartial parties participating or method of appeal to the state party.

Doug Englen is also a State Executive Committee (SEC) member and his wife, Tina Englen, serves as the President of Montgomery County Republican Women, also having a seat on the CEC. Olivia’s outcome had been predetermined.  

Knowing that the scheduled hearing would be biased and unjust with no opportunity to appeal to the state, Ms. Lupia has elected to resign. She composed a detailed response packet citing excessive MCTNGOP bylaw violations, abuse of powers, and unethical practices by the Chair, Officers, and CEC members. 

With intentions of being a reinforcement to conservatives by utilizing her experience and knowledge to protect and preserve the Christian & Constitutional values Tennessee claims to uphold, she finds herself treated as the enemy.

Ms. Lupia will continue to hold the State and County GOPs accountable to the people and serve her community and Party as the Lord instructs. 

Olivia has made her expository documents public and published them to her website:

She can be directly contacted at:

5 thoughts on “Montgomery County GOP Threatens Harm To Outspoken Conservative Vice Chair And Unethically Forces Removal

  • April 24, 2024 at 7:58 pm

    And the scumbag isn’t in jail. Threaten harm to one of mine and see what happens

  • April 24, 2024 at 11:34 pm

    If all would do like me and STOP all support to the GOP/RNC/TNGOP, this kinda CRAP would end and a bunch of CRAP people would be gone.

    • April 26, 2024 at 6:49 pm

      The answer is becoming MORE involved!!!

      If we conservatives ignore the GOP then we get the GOP we deserve … and it will be more of the same!

      How many in this county attended the county GOP party elections and voted for the current chair v. his opponent?

      If you don’t like the way the TN GOP is then get MORE involved, learn how the county and the state party work and Make an Impact!

      There is nothing the RINOs & insiders want more than to have the party all to themselves

  • April 25, 2024 at 11:28 am

    God will take the revenge, make no mistake, He sees all!

  • April 27, 2024 at 3:29 pm

    I hope you will offer an opinion piece when the appropriate occasion presents itself.

    Thank You for lending us your strength.


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