Tennessee Releases School District Specific Data On Third-Grade Proficiency

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn] –

Just days after notifying school districts of their third graders’ results on the TCAP Reading test, the Tennessee Department of Education has released a complete list of school district results from across the state to the public.

Statewide numbers show that only about 40% of Tennessee students scored “proficient” on the test, meaning 60% of third graders in the state are at risk of having to retake the test, attend summer school, participate in tutoring, or potentially repeat the grade.

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It is important to note that the data has not been adjusted to account for students with exceptions to the retention law. These would include students who have certain disabilities, have already been held back, or are English Language learners.

The top scoring districts show well over half to three-fourths of their students earning a proficient score on the test, with Germantown coming in as the district with the highest passing rate.

1. Germantown Municipal Schools – 79.7%

2. Arlington Community Schools – 77%

3. Alamo City Schools – 75%

4. Maryville City Schools – 74.68%

5. Collierville Schools – 73.55%

6. Williamson County Schools – 71.71%

7. Franklin Special School District – 69.44%

8. Lakeland Schools – 69.27%

9. Johnson City Schools – 64.22%

10. Oak Ridge Schools – 58.75% 

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At the other end of the scale, however, the schools ranking in the bottom 10 out of the 141 public school districts in Tennessee find themselves with as little as 10% of their students scoring proficient.

132. Union County Schools – 22.48

133. Johnson County Schools – 21.98%

134. Jackson-Madison County Schools – 19.59%

135. Houston County Schools – 19.27%

136. Haywood County Schools – 18%

137. Perry County Schools – 17.28%

138. Fayette County Schools – 16.52%

139. Humboldt City Schools – 16.25%

140. Richard City Special School District – 13.33%

141. Achievement School District – 10.12%


See the entire listing HERE or below:

2023 TCAP District Averages for 3rd Grade ELA

District Name%Below%Approaching%Meets%ExceedsTotal Proficiency %
Achievement School District63.9925.899.230.8910.12
Alamo City Schools8.8216.1836.7638.2475
Alcoa City Schools18.7540.9728.4711.8140.28
Anderson County Schools12.9742.730.8113.5144.32
Arlington Community Schools1.9520.5242.0235.577.52
Athens City Schools23.6833.1634.218.9543.16
Bartlett City Schools12.838.5531.9316.7248.65
Bedford County Schools31.2232.6126.289.8936.17
Bells City Schools15.3838.4636.549.6246.16
Benton County Schools25.536.2424.8313.4238.25
Bledsoe County Schools29.4132.3527.4510.7838.23
Blount County Schools22.3840.5827.319.7337.04
Bradford Special School District30.2325.5832.5611.6344.19
Bradley County Schools15.3736.8733.0614.6947.75
Bristol City Schools12.0437.2336.514.2350.73
Campbell County Schools28.340.4324.267.0131.27
Cannon County Schools33.3338.7426.131.827.93
Carter County Schools20.0748.0326.325.5931.91
Cheatham County Schools20.2338.3730.710.741.4
Chester County Schools8.7734.6535.9620.6156.57
Claiborne County Schools28.7740.0725.685.4831.16
Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools21.0436.928.7913.2642.05
Clay County Schools10.7741.5436.9210.7747.69
District Name%Below%Approaching%Meets%ExceedsTotal Proficiency %
Cleveland City Schools31.6735.7123.339.2932.62
Clinton City Schools10.8534.1137.9817.0555.03
Cocke County Schools28.1644.3421.685.8327.51
Coffee County Schools23.9936.5328.4111.0739.48
Collierville Schools6.3820.0637.2336.3273.55
Crockett County Schools23.4434.3829.6912.542.19
Cumberland County Schools29.4536.1423.3311.0934.42
Dayton City Schools26.7623.9432.3916.949.29
Decatur County Schools17.394033.918.742.61
DeKalb County Schools24.8832.8628.6413.6242.26
Dickson County Schools19.6138.1628.4513.7842.23
Dyer County Schools17.3138.0830.7713.8544.62
Dyersburg City Schools30.1738.5522.358.9431.29
Elizabethton City Schools16.234.0832.417.3249.72
Etowah City Schools16.2839.5339.534.6544.18
Fayette County Schools43.7539.7312.953.5716.52
Fayetteville City Schools19.7535.833.3311.1144.44
Fentress County Schools28.6440.3826.294.6930.98
Franklin County Schools29.4735.5326.058.9535
Franklin Special School District11.1119.4436.4233.0269.44
Germantown Municpial Schools4.116.239.7439.9679.7
Gibson County Special School District10.7633.6835.0720.4955.56
Giles County Schools16.4241.6131.7510.2241.97
Grainger County Schools13.5740.234.6711.5646.23
Greene County Schools20.1445.3127.696.8634.55
Greeneville City Schools13.2141.0431.1314.6245.75
Grundy County Schools29.0931.8231.827.2739.09
Hamblen County Schools24.9734.1227.8813.0440.92
Hamilton County Schools28.8631.0826.6413.4240.06
Hancock County Schools22.0645.5923.538.8232.35
Hardeman County Schools34.5341.2621.522.6924.21
Hardin County Schools28.8842.6721.556.928.45
Hawkins County Schools25.9341.8226.176.0732.24
Haywood County Schools43.538.515318
Henderson County Schools14.9440.6131.812.6444.44
Henry County Schools2532.4330.4112.1642.57
Hickman County Schools15.6440.7430.8612.7643.62
Hollow Rock – Bruceton Special School District10.8156.7621.6210.8132.43
Houston County Schools43.3737.3515.663.6119.27
Humboldt City Schools5033.75151.2516.25
District Name%Below%Approaching%Meets%ExceedsTotal Proficiency %
Humphreys County Schools23.8140.4829.765.9535.71
Huntingdon Special School District16.6738.4628.2116.6744.88
Jackson County Schools24.5143.1425.496.8632.35
Jackson-Madison County Schools40.8839.5215.973.6219.59
Jefferson County Schools28.8332.626.2412.3338.57
Johnson City Schools13.8921.933.0131.2164.22
Johnson County Schools43.2234.818.683.321.98
Kingsport City Schools19.0735.5626.6718.745.37
Knox County Schools23.9833.1227.7415.1642.9
Lake County Schools33.3335.2925.495.8831.37
Lakeland Schools4.8825.8540.4928.7869.27
Lauderdale County Schools33.4733.0625.218.2633.47
Lawrence County Schools13.3340.3830.8615.4346.29
Lebanon Special School District21.6632.8231.2914.2245.51
Lenoir City Schools31.7836.4327.913.8831.79
Lewis County Schools7.6941.8835.0415.3850.42
Lexington City Schools11.2242.8633.6712.2445.91
Lincoln County Schools17.9538.4630.7712.8243.59
Loudon County Schools15.7237.3432.5314.4146.94
Macon County Schools20.7139.3529.5910.3639.95
Manchester City Schools19.5541.3427.9311.1739.1
Marion County Schools22.5343.0827.676.7234.39
Marshall County Schools19.8446.4827.426.2733.69
Maryville City Schools4.3920.9335.439.2874.68
Maury County Schools25.9537.5427.389.1336.51
McKenzie Special School District27.3738.9528.425.2633.68
McMinn County Schools29.637.6928.044.6732.71
McNairy County Schools22.3939.7729.348.4937.83
Meigs County Schools17.1241.4430.6310.8141.44
Memphis-Shelby County Schools41.9834.417.675.9523.62
Metro-Nashville Public Schools37.8932.4318.611.0829.68
Milan Special School District184627.338.6736
Millington Municipal Schools31.7133.5425.619.1534.76
Monroe County Schools30.1443.1923.483.1926.67
Moore County Schools17.9532.0534.6215.3850
Morgan County Schools16.8542.1329.7811.2441.02
Murfreesboro City Schools24.5931.8829.4514.0843.53
Newport City Schools12.532.8146.887.8154.69
Oak Ridge Schools14.3326.9339.2619.4858.74
Obion County Schools15.6244.2731.778.3340.1
District Name%Below%Approaching%Meets%ExceedsTotal Proficiency %
Oneida Special School District18.149.1427.595.1732.76
Overton County Schools20.1740.7733.056.0139.06
Paris Special School District21.4336.3127.9814.2942.27
Perry County Schools24.6958.0213.583.717.28
Pickett County Schools3032.527.51037.5
Polk County Schools23.0340.1323.6813.1636.84
Putnam County Schools20.936.6127.9414.5542.49
Rhea County Schools19.8440.4828.1711.5139.68
Richard City Special School District2066.6713.33013.33
Roane County Schools22.4436.630.7210.2440.96
Roberston County Schools31.3438.8121.778.0829.85
Rogersville City Schools29.0335.4822.5812.935.48
Rutherford County Schools22.0833.8329.0415.0544.09
Scott County Schools18.8940.5627.2213.3340.55
Sequatchie County Schools26.4731.6233.828.0941.91
Sevier County Schools24.3940.3326.728.5535.27
Smith County Schools15.2340.7434.579.4744.04
South Carroll Special School District1515304070
Stewart County Schools21.8547.0226.494.6431.13
Sullivan County Schools19.3742.5727.8810.1838.06
Sumner County Schools18.3932.7130.818.0948.89
Sweetwater City Schools24.2433.3328.0314.3942.42
Tennessee Public Charter School Commission33.6938.5418.069.727.76
Tipton County Schools20.8338.9929.9110.2840.19
Trenton Special School District22.4742.728.096.7434.83
Trousdale County Schools22.7328.183019.0949.09
Tullahoma City Schools21.4836.7233.28.5941.79
Unicoi County Schools17.9352.4120.698.9729.66
Union City Schools22.5548.0422.556.8629.41
Union County Schools41.9735.5519.043.4422.48
Van Buren County Schools2539.5829.176.2535.42
Warren County Schools31.5934.6125.558.2533.8
Washington County Schools13.1737.2635.713.8649.56
Wayne County Schools18.8450.7223.916.5230.43
Weakley County Schools16.331.8832.6119.251.81
West Carroll Special School District13.245022.0614.7136.77
White County Schools14.1342.7529.7113.4143.12
Williamson County Schools5.9222.3637.734.0171.71
Wilson County Schools15.1934.6333.8516.3350.18

About the Author: Jason Vaughn, Media Coordinator for The Tennessee Conservative  ~ Jason previously worked for a legacy publishing company based in Crossville, TN in a variety of roles through his career.  Most recently, he served as Deputy Director for their flagship publication. Prior, he was a freelance journalist writing articles that appeared in the Herald Citizen, the Crossville Chronicle and The Oracle among others.  He graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor’s in English-Journalism, with minors in Broadcast Journalism and History.  Contact Jason at news@TennesseeConservativeNews.com

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