Repealing “Emergency” Powers, Transparency Disappointment, Foreign Nationals As TN Cops, Fight Against Big Tech, Closing Primaries & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7!

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The Stories –

• New Bill Would Remove Governor’s Unilateral Ability To Extend Emergency Powers –

• Tennesseans Hoping For More Transparency During Legislative Session May Be Disappointed –

• Legislation Filed To Limit Foreign Ownership Of Tennessee Property –

• TN House GOP Leader Files Bill To Remove Critical Criteria For Local Law Enforcement Applicants –

• Tennessee Information Protection Act Would Guard Residents Personal Data From Abuse By Big Tech –

• Social Media Common Carrier Bill Reintroduced In Tennessee Senate –

• Bills Filed By Freshman Conservative Lawmaker Take Aim at Term Limits And Securing Primary Elections For Tennessee –

• Tennessean’s Healthcare Options Limited By Certificate-Of-Need Laws Says New Report –

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