The Election & Terrorist Event(s): A Where & When Assessment

“Chaos demands to be recognized and experienced before letting itself be converted into a new order” ~ Hermann Hess, Author/Poet

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Submitted by Thomas Budds –

Last Fall, I assessed the potentiality of a “major event” that would upend the results of the coming presidential election, a determination that seems increasingly likely today.

This is an updating of that assessment now including the where and when an “event”, or “terrorist” attack is most likely to occur and likely places to look for persons of interest.

I previously assessed that the “left” had essentially taken control of the administrative state with support from educational and cultural institutions reinforced by media. Their final push for the “fundamental transformation of America”, as opined by Mr. Obama, through the introduction of DEI & CRT into all aspects of the Executive Branch, including the military.

This HR technique would allow for the purging of all federal employees not part of their cabal of post-constitutionalists., with the remaining employees being participants in the “movement”.

Their plan was interrupted with the election of President Trump, so he and his supporters had to go at all costs, including threats of financial ruin, incarceration, the jailing of Mr. Trump, Catholics, and MAGA American citizens all who were newly defined as “domestic terrorists”. But would they be willing to cause Intentional acts of terrorism?

To my chagrin, my confidence has grown that my assessment of a major event occurring upending the November presidential election results will occur. I continue to assess that FBI Director Christopher Wray will be at the center of the final election results, essentially picking our next president. He is already taking center stage testifying ad infinitum that “all the red lights are blinking” at the FBI concerning a terrorist event!

When: My assessment includes my belief that the Obama/Biden cabal will stop at nothing to make sure any democrat is elected president in November; any means will justify the ends! I suggest that an event will occur between October 17th and November 5th, 2024, October 17th being early voting in some states. No matter what the event is in truth, it will be deemed a terrorist attack thus moving investigative jurisdiction to Christopher Wray’s FBI already proven to be post constitutionalists. Mr. Wray will send agents loyal to him and the admin-state who will conclude that just enough votes were disrupted in the swing state(s) to give the democrtats an electoral college victory.

Where: The event will occur in a state that seems a “toss-up” with close polling between the candidates. The number of electoral votes will also be a factor depending upon what the “left” feels it needs to prevail. To this end, there may be multiple “events” in more than one of these “toss-up” states to assure their electoral college vote count victory to be determined by the FBI. Today’s polling suggests, the most likely states for an “election event”, are Virginia (13) votes, Minnesota (10), Pennsylvania (19), Michigan (15), or Wisconsin (10). 

Don’t agree with my assessment, too far-fetched?

How many Antifa and BLM rioters have been arrested versus Trump associates, Praying Grandmothers at Abortion clinics, and MAGA Americans held in solitary for years. They haven’t even found the guy who left a pipe bomb at campaign headquarters in Washington D.C.

Let me relate a story from WWII for those who can’t get their heads around a government turning against its own people. 

In 1942, Nazi occupied France rounded up 76,000 Jews, men, women, and children. They separated fathers from their families, then the mothers from their 12-year-old and below children. Most the adults were sent to Auschwitz Concentration Camp where most of them perished. These Jews were French citizens! They weren’t rounded up and processed by the Nazis, they were rounded up by the French state police under orders from French elected officials.

Under the radical Biden Administration, the Department of “Justice”, and the FBI have been rounding up conservatives, MAGA or Catholic, incarcerating thousands deeming any adversary to their agenda a domestic terrorist, using the “Patriot Act” as their authority.

It usually seems extreme when people make comparisons to the activities of the Nazis; however, at-a-glance it seems, Joe and Adolph have a lot in common. Both are apostate Catholics, both engaged in “disappearing” Jews, albeit in different ways, while striking fear into the hearts of those who dare defy their agendas. 

Remember, Joe Biden is the one who said a small “incursion” by Russia into Ukraine wouldn’t be so bad. It seems an easy “mental” step for him to believe a couple of “minor” terrorist events is but a “small” price to pay to complete the fundamental transformation of America. The reelection of Donald J Trump puts them and their plans in peril.

Recalling Mr. Hess’ quotation, chaos is now being recognized and experienced. All that’s left is to see what “new order” evolves. Christopher Wray may be that change-agent. His legacy may be enshrined alongside that of Benedict Arnold as he counts ballots determining the next President of the United.

During the 1775 Revolutionary War, a Squadron of six schooners was commissioned by President George Washington to fly one of our first flags depicting a pine tree, the traditional symbol of New England with the sentiment “An Appeal to Heaven”, or “An Appeal to God”.

A national “Appeal to God” is our heritage found in the Constitution and if done today by us all, God may save our nation once again!

About the Author: Thomas Budds is a Tennessee resident that writes from Murfreesboro. He is a Retired Major Crime/Homicide Investigator – Transnational, Organized Crime, & Threat Assessment

2 thoughts on “The Election & Terrorist Event(s): A Where & When Assessment

  • June 18, 2024 at 4:11 pm

    Sir, I believe your assessment is correct both about the threat and about what may stop it.
    Thank you and may your message reach millions.

  • June 18, 2024 at 9:27 pm

    As I’ve oft said, …IF there’s an “election”…


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