The World Of The Left Is Like A Well-Used Litter Box (Op-Ed)

I Hate To Be Catty, But…

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By Kat Stansell, Grassroots Coordinator at American Policy Center –

Anyone who has ever had pet cats will understand this reference immediately. If you have not, try to extrapolate, and take my word for a few things.  The box can contain some pretty ugly “surprises”.  It  may look only slightly used on the surface, but when you dig…well, you know.  

First, a litter box has a purpose.  Things done in it get buried, often deeply.  Second, the deposits always smell bad.  Left uncleaned, the stench will fill the entire house.  

The innocent animal uses a litter box to deposit its ugliest truths; most of the time, it hits the enclosed area, sometimes things are left outside the box – by accident or on purpose, one never really knows….   They always try to cover it up, though, regardless of the landing area.   Cats do that because they don’t like their own stink. 

The Left is proud of their foul droppings but hides them so we can’t see.  Apparently they don’t comprehend how much the rest of us can smell.  Or , aren’t concerned if we do.  Let me elaborate.

Recently I enjoyed an article in the Canada Free Press, wherein the author gave a good list of some of the turds the Left has dropped in public for us all to enjoy.  He was more polite about it, but I’ve lost my desire to be even mildly courteous to  this regime.  

I won’t give you the entire list of droppings, because many of us have already groaned or screamed over many of them, but here’s few to get things into focus.   Let’s start with Pelosi; she is the reigning queen of crap.

* “You need to vote for Democrats.  Otherwise the illegal aliens will lose their rights”!

*”You don’t need God anymore; you have us Democrats.”

Then, of course, the  one that has become a classic, “We just have to pass the (Obama healthcare) bill to see what’s in it.”

Obama the great divider, was pretty good at spewing excrement too. By now, we’ve heard (or smelled) all this before:

*”You have a business; you didn’t build that.  Someone else did!”

*America is, is no longer, uh, what it, uh, could be, uh, what it once was, uh, and I say to myself, uh…..”  Obviously, spoken without teleprompter.

*”I have campaigned in all 57 states.”  Spoken like someone who doesn’t know much about the country where he (wasn’t) born.

Speaking of not knowing much about your country, the ever-braying AOC said, “Owning guns is not a right.  If it were a right, it would be in the Constitution.”  I’ll stop with just one…she is a ripe source of offal.  Awful, too, now that I think about it…

Then a current goody from the lips of the ever-obnoxious Elizabeth Warren, christened long ago as “Lieawatha”,  (Why do these lefties have such trouble with their roots?  Could it be because they’re shallow and rotted?  Or transplanted?)  I’ll skip the Native American heritage turd; we’ve already scooped that one out.

*”Having an abortion is no different that having one’s tonsils removed,” says Lizzie.   Really.? Ending a life is no different than removing an infected piece of blood filter?  The physical remains of the tonsils get dropped into a surgical waste pail, while the Luciferian Left profits from the sale of the aborted fetuses.   Yes, the profit motive is behind every abortion.  Don’t let the stink they make about “women’s health care rights” cause your eyes to water and obscure the truth.  They march for their profits, not anyone’s health.

On a lighter note, ol’ Sheila Jackson Lee has informed us that “homicide is the leading cause of murder.”  Don’t you feel better knowing that people like this are leading our country?

The Vice-Dimwit in the White House, Kamala, has laid so many turds in public that they are impossible to scoop up.  She just keeps stepping in them.  One of my favorites is, “Gorsuch isn’t fit to serve (in the Supreme Court) because he uses law and not emotions.”

Our Constitution and its body of law is foreign to these people; they have not a clue as to what it says or means.  They just want to shred it, and defecate in its remains.

The Dimwit-in-Chief shows his disrespect for our great founding documents, and his ignorance of us at the same time, when he blurts out, “No ordinary American cares about Constitutional rights.”  Dear Joe, OH, we care, alright.  Don’t push it. 

Still my favorite in the category of public dung-dropping, is Biden’s brag, ahead of the 2020 general election.  To a very small crowd in GA, he babbled, “We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, THE MOST EXTENSIVE AND INCLUSIVE VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA.”   Sure they won in 2020.  Sure they won’t try it again and again.  Sure.

*  *  *

SO much crap, SO many lies, SO few skills and abilities to run a country!    The fire hose of utter BS from which we are expected to drink, courtesy of this “administration” and it’s lapdog media,  is enough to gag the best of us at times.  The amount of lies and criminal – even treasonous – dealings they spew is overwhelming.  The fumes are gagging the country.  The Left’s big box of awful offal is far more than we should be expected to bear.   Like a disgusting cat pan, it brings tears to my eyes.  I cannot let it stay the way it is.

It’s the utter disrespect for the American citizen that infuriates me the most, and, I hope, you as well!  There is not a thing about the average hard-working American that they respect. The good people of this country are of no import whatsoever except as a source of revenue.

They believe that we are stupid and not worthy of intelligent exchange.  They believe we deserve to be on our knees to their demands.  Just shut up and pay, they tell us.  They do believe that they are the Superior Power, and that we and our God must obey them and their Dark Angel.

It’s OUR bad, as the kids say, if we allow this to continue – our bad, and quite probably our end, as residents of a free country. We MUST act, where our power is strongest and most effective –  our local communities.

Local action is not an option.  It is a requirement of a free people.  Stand up for your rights, or “you will have nothing and like it.”

If you think things already stink to high heaven in DC, just wait.  If nobody cleans and disinfects the federal litter box soon, Lady Liberty will be asphyxiated, and her light will be extinguished forever.   

Politicians will always need to keep a litter box handy,  for hiding their crap.  It’s just the nature of the beast.  We just need to remember it’s there, and keep it as clean as possible, to allow Freedom to flourish in fresh air.   

Not trying to be catty.  Just sayin’…

One thought on “The World Of The Left Is Like A Well-Used Litter Box (Op-Ed)

  • October 25, 2022 at 5:32 pm

    Absolutely loved the piece. Humor mixed with fact and a call to action. U need to put this on Rumble or Truth Social so more people can read, enjoy and ultimately clean their local litter boxes.


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