They’re Coming For Our Children (Op-Ed)

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According to Dr. Jamison Taylor, senior fellow at the American Family Association,  the Biden administration’s newly proposed guidelines known as “The Safe and  Appropriate Foster Care Placement Requirements;” may prevent children from being placed in homes of devout Christians, Jews and Muslims.  

Dr. Taylor says that any person who believes in traditional marriage, that there are only  2 genders and that children should not have healthy organs removed and be  placed on harmful hormones for the rest of their lives, would be considered  “unsafe” and an unfit parent.


He said that this proposed guideline and the “Paris Hilton” bill that is coming up for a vote in congress would not only preclude Christians and others from becoming foster care parents but would also mean that you as a parent are “providing a dangerous environment for your own children.”

Any parent teaching their child a Biblical world view would be abusing their child. He states that there is a push already to terminate parental rights when parents do not agree with their child’s chosen LGBTQ lifestyle or who believe it is not healthy for their child to undergo experimental sex change operation.  

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This is already happening in California and other states that are “trans refuge states.” A child can contact an adult on the internet and that adult can take that child across state lines, the parental right of this child will be terminated. The child will get the sex change surgery and be placed in a home that affirms the “new  gender.” 

He states there has NOT been enough push back, pastors and other church leaders must speak to this. They must inform their congregations. People need to  contact their governors and ask them to push back against these guidelines. They need to call their congress person and senators (202-224-3121) and ask them to  vote no on the Paris Hilton bill and they need to do this very quickly! 

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He also said parents need to cut off the source of this ideology from harming our children by taking away smart phones and if possible, removing them from public school seeing that these are the conduits where our children are exposed. There are phones that do not connect to social media.

Some helpful resources for parents:

Also, a  video put out by the American Family Association: In His Image, it is free on YouTube

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  • January 15, 2024 at 7:40 pm

    Biden and his band of demons are straight from the pits of Hell!

  • January 16, 2024 at 12:52 am

    Wish Elon Musk could be VP


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