Vaccine Mandates And The “Comply or Die” Administration

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By Holly Abernathy –

A deadline is coming. It has already come for many. If you are reading now, that deadline has already passed for us; for others, it is soon to come. There have been many such deadlines in history with the same desired outcome: comply or [insert historic or current cultural consequence here].

By now, you know the names: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, Lenin, the Bolsheviks, and the Red Terror, Stalin and the Great Purge, Mao Zedong, the Communist Party in China, and Tiananmen Square, Saigon and the Vietnam War, Cuba and Fidel Castro, Germany and the Berlin Wall, and many others. The mid to latter half of the 20th century is filled with nations where communism was established, more often than not, through force.

The dissenters of these socialist/communist movements and takeovers generally had ultimatums and deadlines to comply with the demands of their oppressors. If they chose to dissent, they paid the consequences, often with their lives.

The Biden Administration is following the same historical path of a communist takeover, in partnership with corporatists and globalists, by devastating the livelihoods of millions of Americans who refuse to comply with “vaccine” mandates. The use of force has begun: comply or lose your job – the source of income you use to feed, clothe, and house yourself and your family. Comply – or pay the price.

For some, that price tag is large and looming. While disguised as such, the circumstances they find themselves in are not about the COVID-19 pandemic and the safety and well-being of America’s citizens. It is about compliance and control of those who refuse to be told by an authoritarian government what is best for them, their families and their lives, both physical and spiritual. Totalitarian governmental takeovers are historically predicated on this style of control, and the Biden Administration is arrogantly unashamed of their Marxist-style language.

The goal, White House aids have said, “is to render being unvaccinated so burdensome that those who haven’t received shots will have little choice other than to get them.”

The goal, White House aids have said, “is to render being unvaccinated so burdensome that those who haven’t received shots will have little choice other than to get them.”

“This is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” President Biden said in his speech on September 09, 2021. The goal, aids have said, “is to render being unvaccinated so burdensome that those who haven’t received shots will have little choice other than to get them.” 

Many others have used similar threatening language in regards to “vaccine” mandates:

“Do you want to get paid or not?” Mr. de Blasio said at a news conference. “Well, the vast, vast majority of people in public service need that paycheck.” -Mayor Bill de Blasio

“…And this is the policy that is most geared to stopping all this. There’s nothing else that will perform that function better than incentivizing people strongly to vaccinate themselves.”  -Justice Elena Kagan during the Supreme Court hearing on OSHA ETS, Medicare/Medicaid Vaccination Mandates, January 7, 2022

Yet, a few state governors (and local government legislatures), America’s last line of defense between its citizens and a tyrannical federal government, are raising concerns about the actions of the current administration:

“No one should be forced to choose between making a living and standing up for their personal beliefs. As long as I’m governor, the state of Iowa will always stand alongside Iowans and to be sure that their freedoms are protected.” -Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds

“In yet another instance of federal government overreach, the Biden Administration is now bullying many private entities into imposing COVID-19 vaccine mandates, causing workforce disruptions that threaten Texas’s continued recovery from the COVID-19 disaster.” -Texas Gov. Greg Abbott

“The federal government is exceeding [its] power and it is important for us to take a stand because in Florida we believe these are choices based on individual circumstances,”Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

If, after two years, you still think what is happening in the United States of America (and other parts of the world) is about a public health crisis, compare what is happening here with the aforementioned dictators and their actions, as well as the historical timeline in each of their respective nations.

• Marxist ideologies: class separation and divide through economics, social issues, and race. Segregation (in this case, resegregation) of society. Divide and conquer through racism, tribalism, and ethnic, economic, class, religious, and social division. Oppressed vs. Oppressor: Black vs. White, Rich vs. Poor, Secularism vs. Christianity, Woke vs. Non-Woke, Democrat vs. Republican, Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated, etc.

• Indoctrination of children through abolishment of historical facts and/or reframing and rewriting of history with tools such as Critical Race Theory (CRT), universal pre-K, and an attempt to remove any and all of a parent’s role in the education of their children. Demonize parents’ attempt to confront injustices, differing opinions, and overreach of school boards. Concerned parents are now labeled as “domestic terrorists.”

• Mandatory “vaccine” requirements for children that turn them into test subjects. This statement should be considered carefully, regardless of the context in which it is spoken: “We are never going to learn how safe it is until we start giving it. That’s just the way it goes.” – Dr. Eric Rubin, during a meeting of the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee

• Abolishment of private property. It will belong to the state, and partnering corporatists and Marxist globalists. “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” – World Economic Forum

• Destruction of small businesses during the pandemic and their attempt at recovery in favor of federal or corporate interests – the centralization of power and commerce with unprecedented spending plans, aimed at bankrupting America and establishing a new system of currency and exchange.

• Attempts at centralizing the banking system, bankrupting the country and its future citizens. Sending stimulus payments, mimicking socialism, under the guise of economic recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, yet masking the massive tax on the people under the cover of “common” inflation and product and service shortages. Intentional infrastructure failure in regards to supply chain issues in an effort to disrupt and dismantle the economy.

• Disrespect of citizenry. Porous borders and illegal entry into the country. Unequal application of laws and strict “vaccine” mandates on America’s citizens vs. not requiring the same of those illegally entering the country through a border that has been wide open since the beginning of the Biden presidency.

• State-run media. Mainstream Media is the only source of information for most Americans and is the propaganda arm of the federal government, supported by Big Tech Oligarchs. Alternative sources of information must be diligently sought after as truth is commonly suppressed by those who hold the most power.

• Intentionally dismantling physical and social infrastructure in order to centralize power. Demoralize and demonize police forces in order to abolish and ultimately nationalize law enforcement. Again, centralization of power, a national police force as opposed to law enforcement within local entities.

“Communism begins where atheism begins…”  -Karl Marx

• Deeming churches and houses of worship as “non-essential” – the removal of religion in order to deify the state. God has no place in a communist society.

• Mandate and consequently remove all dissidents and non-compliant from society, including religious, conscientious or free and independent thinkers. None of these characteristics serve the state.

• Ignoring supreme laws of the land, oppression of the citizenry. In this case, The Constitution of the United States of America has completely been iged and disregarded by the current administration.

• Giving unlawful power to government entities outside of their jurisdiction. Again, ignoring the supreme law of the land – The Constitution of the United States. Example: CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signing orders in regards to eviction moratorium extensions, etc.

Build Back Better

These are just a few examples, all pointing to the Biden Administration’s Build Back Better plan, and proof that this is no longer about COVID-19. This is a clear plan to change the structure of America, as many dictators have historically done in times of public crisis. 

Twenty-first century Americans have not had their property violently or unlawfully seized, and no one is boldly standing in front of a tank facing certain death, or being shot and bayoneted by revolutionaries, yet.

But the government in charge is rolling up its sleeves and flexing its muscles toward non-compliant Americans. Everyone can see that. What is not quite so obvious are opportunistic career politicians, weaponizing false narratives against America’s own citizens, resulting in political prisoners. The Mainstream Media ignore and refuse to report these atrocities. Arrests and acts of torture, unbefitting the crime, are going unreported by the media consumed by most Americans. Truth, and at the very least, differing opinions and voices are being silenced and suppressed.

One example is Nathan DeGrave, a non-violent political prisoner who was present at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Nathan, and many other Americans are being gruesomely treated in deplorable conditions. This article, posted by The Liberty Daily, tells his story.

Does The Constitution apply to Nathan DeGrave, an American citizen?

Does The Bill of Rights apply to every American? 

One can reasonably conclude that Nathan’s story is not about justice. One can also reasonably conclude that these “vaccine” mandates are not about health; they, too, are about politics. Consequently, every American has been caught in the crossfire between good and evil, all while suffering through a devastating pandemic. These frustrations are not limited to Americans. Cries for personal freedom and justice can be heard and seen across the globe, not just from political prisons in the bowels of Washington, D.C.

The “Comply or Die” Administration

It is clear that the Biden Administration is rejecting true science, is hostile toward religion, and wants to eradicate free and independent thinkers. These factors are historically antithetical to dictatorial takeovers and pose a direct threat to the current power structure. 

So, to my husband who dependably and conscientiously served BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee (BCBST) and their customers across the state of Tennessee for 20 years, was hand-selected in 2015 to represent them before Congress to speak about health and wellness, and planned to continue in that service until retirement; we support you. We respect you for courageously choosing to stand your ground against medical coercion, tyranny, and criticism, while the aftermath of this storm of ruthless political agendas has been strewn all over our kitchen table. Comply – or be terminated. 

We know we are not alone and that ours is not the only family, that we are not the only people they are attempting to silence and replace with power structures, political entities, and globalist elites. We are not alone.

To the nurse or healthcare worker who is now facing a mid-life career change; you were yesterday’s COVID hometown healthcare hero, and today you are treated as discarded, dirty, unvaccinated trash by the very same people who once praised and valued you for your service. We are all dirty; you are not alone.

Medical professionals, police officers, firefighters, first responders, truck drivers, educators, and every other essential worker – which is everyone who is employed in one way or another – those across the country who represent the core infrastructure and stability of families, institutions, and the economy – you are the backbone of this nation. You are not alone.

Thank you to the sports professionals and entertainers who are willing to take a stand and show others that standing firm in what you believe in comes with a cost, but it is one you are willing to pay.

For those with a platform that are a voice for the voiceless, please continue leading the charge to save the country from what history has clearly outlined for us as destitution for generations to come.

Two weeks to slow the spread: 2020. Four shots to feed your family: 2022.

That next generation is currently watching all of us. We did not comply with the “vaccine” mandates that have no basis in science or solution, but rather are submission campaigns and tactical distractions imposed upon the American people by a consistently failing administration. This administration is the same one that told us this would all be over if we would just “do the next thing” or “just get the shot.”

That “next thing” has changed over and over again from the lips of Dr. Fauci, who deceived Congress and continues to receive a platform to peddle lies to the American people. The latest “next thing” is the “vaccine – the shot” or the second, third, or fourth one. What’s next?

“Just take the ‘vaccine’ and this will all be over; we can all get back to normal.”

“Fifteen days to slow the spread.”

“Wear your mask.”

“You must get the ‘vaccine’.”

“Proof of vaccination, please?”

“Vax card / digital passport, please?”

A “vaccine” is not the answer because this is not where all this ends. History has shown us time and time again that this is not where any of this ends.

This is where it begins.


Holly Abernathy is a communications and creative arts professional. She works in a variety of media and lives in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, visit

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  • January 13, 2022 at 4:02 am

    I bet you felt so accomplished writing this article. Knowing you would easily confuse those that are easily confused. Communism isn’t on the menu. People that claim this are just as ignorant as those that believe this mess.


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