We Need Legislators To END Employer Mandates In This Special Session

By Gary Humble [Tennessee Stands] –

We have heard the argument over and over again from GOP leadership here in Tennessee, “we don’t regulate businesses here in Tennessee.” And that argument is used to try and convince the public that private employers have a liberty right to force and/or coerce their employees into making decisions as a condition of employment.

Yet, EVERY member of that same GOP leadership supports the Right to Work Amendment to our Constitution which will come up for a vote in the general election in 2022. So, the legislature is willing to restrict a private business from requiring their employees to be part of a labor union, but unwilling to restrict a business from forcing medical decisions on their employees? It sounds to me that “restricting business” really has nothing to do with it.

100% of Montana Republicans voted on a bill that protects employees and consumers from these medical requirements. And Texas Gov Greg Abbott is now asking the Texas Legislature to do the same. It is time that we put the politics aside here in Tennessee and get this done in the upcoming Special Session!


About the Author: Gary Humble is the founder and executive director of Tennessee Stands, an organization working to secure liberty and hold elected officials accountable to the Constitution through legislation, litigation, and education. Follow Gary @garyhumble and visit www.tennesseestands.org.

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