Anderson County Libraries’ Assault On Children And Our Resistance To It (Op-Ed)

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By Red Pepper & Spice –

Over the past 50 years, while conservatives have been focused on work, family, and religious life, progressives have been plotting to destroy the mental, physical, and spiritual health of children of every new generation.

Libraries have been an important tool of the progressives, as they indoctrinate the impressionable with books that teach them to engage in sexual activity, including masturbation, on-line chatting with predators, pornography, and questioning of their sexual orientation and identity.

Librarians hold up their degrees in Library Science, a discipline that studies the organization and retrieval of information, and they imply that this degree qualifies them to make decisions on appropriate books for all ages. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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When we first discovered the obscene and damaging materials that are available to children at our local taxpayer-funded library, we were outraged, and we knew we had to act. 

The first action that we took was to listen. We talked to librarians and asked questions about the books they selected for our library. We listened to the librarians speak illogically and condescendingly about the community’s need for these materials, their commitment to serving everyone in the community, and their suggestion that we demonstrate our outrage by ignoring it. That is not going to happen.

Speaking to the Anderson County Commission, a colleague evoked shock and awe among the county government officials by simply displaying some vulgar pictures from library books while contrasting those with the nearly-banned books of our beloved Dr. Seuss.

While most commissioners and some citizens spoke passionately about how the process of reconsideration should not have been circumvented by bringing the issue of books to the Commission meeting, ironically early the next morning the commissioner who is chairman of the library board, removed some of the offending books from the library, bypassing the touted reconsideration “process” himself.

We continue our grass-roots work. We have developed information packets for local Church leaders to make parishioners aware of the problem and to ask for their support. We are submitting reconsideration forms to local libraries to reconsider if those books are suitable for the library collection. We are challenging the secrecy of the meetings that the librarians hold to make the decisions about the books, in direct violation of the Tennessee Sunshine Law.

The librarians and those on the Anderson County Library Board evidently are in no way qualified to determine the suitability of books. In the last reconsideration, they sought legal advice from the county Law Director to make the decision.

One additional problem with the collection is that it is totally one-sided. For example, there are no books that present the risks and dangers of gender “transition”, internet meet-ups and pornography, and sexting.  We are requesting books with this rational information for inclusion in the library, in case the Anderson County Library Board is successful in retaining materials that surreptitiously condition vulnerable citizens to engage in behaviors that lead to their victimization and depravity.

We have learned that it is not enough to incite people to express outrage. We all must take action to end this abuse. 

One thought on “Anderson County Libraries’ Assault On Children And Our Resistance To It (Op-Ed)

  • March 7, 2023 at 3:52 am

    In Florida, DeSantis, declared that obscene sexual books for children is a 3rd Class Felony.
    These children’s graphic sexual books have been removed from the shelves.


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