Fighting For TN Kids Trapped In Struggling Government Schools

Published March 26, 2021

Did you know only 1/3 of children in Tennessee Schools can read at grade level? 

Guess what? During the mismanagement of the pandemic by TN leaders, that number got even worse. It’s unacceptable to put TN Kids last to please the status quo and teachers unions. 

In this interview, Shaka Mitchell of the American Federation for Children discusses school choice in TN. He also reveals who is trying to stop educational choice in our state and what you can do to take action.

If you care about your kids, grandkids or TN’s future, you need to watch this…


Shaka Mitchell leads AFC’s campaign to increase educational choice across Tennessee, most recently as a Rocket Ship Education Regional Director. He was responsible for the planning, growth and success of Rocket Ship’s network of high-quality elementary charter schools in Nashville and Memphis.

Rocket Ship currently serves 1,200 students in Nashville.

Mitchell began his career in education as the Associate Director of Policy and Planning at the Washington D.C. based Center for Education Reform.

He then led outreach efforts at the Institute for Justice, a Constitutional law firm based in Arlington, Virginia.

Prior to joining Rocket Ship, Mitchell was the Director of External Affairs for Lead Public Schools, a network of Public Charter Schools founded in Nashville, Tennessee.

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