How Election Integrity Is Being Compromised In Tennessee [Interview with Kathy Harms]

Working alongside of statisticians, IT specialists, cyber security experts, and legislators, Kathy Harms has discovered that, despite good intentions, the current voting systems in Tennessee contain significant vulnerabilities. 

Kathy and those she works with believe that elections are for the people, not the State – nor special interests and that elections should be fair and transparent. Kathy says those in charge of these processes need to be reminded that the Vote belongs to the People.

Kathy joins me today to discuss election integrity specifically as it pertains to the Volunteer State.

Kathy has provided an Election Integrity Petition that concerned Tennessee voters can fill out and send into legislators. Download the petition HERE.

If you are more of a “listener,” click here for the podcast version of this interview.

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~ Brandon Lewis, Founder of The Tennessee Conservative

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