Moms For Liberty – Williamson County To Host  Matt Walsh For Special Screening Of “What Is A Woman?”

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Grassroots organization Moms for Liberty – Williamson County (M4L-WC) will host Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire in a special screening of  “What is a Woman?” this Monday, November 14th, at 6:00 PM, at Generations Church, 408 Church Street, in downtown Franklin.

The question, “what is a woman?,” made international headlines in March 2022 when Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn asked then-nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Ketanji Brown-Jackson, to define the word “woman.”  Now-Justice Brown-Jackson declined to answer the question, replying, “I’m not a biologist.” 

“At that moment, the ideology and political agenda surrounding gender in this country was laid bare for the average American to see,” said Moms for Liberty-Williamson County Chapter Chair, Robin Steenman. “That agenda is absolutely present and at work in Williamson County Schools, and schools across Tennessee.”

“What is a Woman?” is a 2022 American documentary about gender and transgender issues, presented by political commentator Matt Walsh, directed by Justin Folk, and produced and released by The Daily Wire, in which Matt Walsh travels the world to ask this pivotal question and related questions to a variety of people, including politicians, a pediatrician, a genders studies professor, a gender-affirming family and marriage therapist, a transgender opponent of medical transitions for minors, a surgeon who specializes in sex reassignment surgery, a father of a 14-year-old transgender boy, and psychologist Jordan Peterson.

This event is part of the chapter’s focus on Gender Ideology in the month of November.  By the numbers, there is an “epidemic” of transgenderism amongst pre-teen and teenage adolescents.  In the last ten years, the number of pre-teen and teenage girls claiming gender dysphoria has jumped 4400% in the United Kingdom and experts suspect similar numbers in the United States. 

Moms for Liberty – Williamson County assesses this threat to our children as even more grave than that of Critical Race Theory or Social Emotional Learning, as this ideology often ends in “irreversible damage” to these young bodies, having undergone puberty blockers, “top surgery” and/or “bottom surgery” (euphemisms for double mastectomies and castrations of healthy teenage girls and boys).

Said Steenman at a recent event titled GENDER 101, also presented by MFL-WC, “Gender Ideology is absolutely present in Williamson County Schools, as evidenced by its usage of preferred pronouns as early as middle school, ‘gender inclusive’ books as early as Kindergarten, LGBTQ flags in elementary classrooms, and the emergence of multiple ‘student-led’ clubs that focus on sexuality, the latest one being a ‘polyamorous club’ at Grassland Middle School, which has drawn much ire from parents.”

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