Nashville Tax Fight & Legislative Update With Grant Henry – Interview

Published June 29, 2021

Nashville is one of the worst run cities in the nation from a financial standpoint. After residents endured months of economically oppressive lockdowns at the hands of local leaders, their overlords added insult to injury by taxing residents for the tax shortfall caused by…. you guessed it, the lockdowns!

You can’t make this stuff up… However, Nashville didn’t take it lying down. Conservatives have been fighting the leftist leadership and demanding fiscal responsibility.

Grant with Americans for Prosperity talks about next steps in the tax fight AND gives legislative updates on a number of key health care, right-to-work and criminal justice laws enacted in the recent legislative session.

Grant also closes with a hopeful message for Conservatives in TN that you will not want to miss.


Yours in Freedom,

-Brandon Lewis, Founder of The Tennessee Conservative

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