Op-Ed: Affirmative Action – Another “False Flag” In The Latest SCOTUS Decision?

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Submitted Kat Stansell (Independent Journalist and Earnest Patriot) –

We Americans are so easily misled. The faux government in DC is throwing one psy-op after another at us to keep us off balance and confused. I submit that the recent Supreme Court decision on affirmative action may be yet another.

The prevailing reaction to the recent SCOTUS decision on affirmative action in college admissions, seems to be joy. People are of the opinion that it levels the playing field once again, removing the legislated bias against “whitey”! It’s about time, people are crowing. A good hard working kid, regardless of his/her skin color should be able to choose where he/she goes to college.

Affirmative action has angered those of non-dark skin since its inception. Overtly biased, it was stuffed down our throats as making amends for slavery, institutional biases, invisible hatred that the Left assured us lurks in the heart of every conservative. It denied college admissions to millions of qualified people with paler faces, regardless of their nationality.

Now, SCOTUS has granted equal treatment for all. Really? Not so fast.

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Think for a quick minute. Most every news item in the last few years has been about Chinese students with stellar academic records, being denied admission to “XYZ University”. I cannot recall, or dig up, too many that speak in support of those plain old “melting pot” American kids who got the boot from their chosen colleges. Here are a few for your perusal:

Applying to College, and Trying to Appear ‘Less Asian’

Are Colleges Discriminating Against Asian Applicants?

Is There Asian-American Discrimination in College Admissions and SAT / ACT Prep?

Asian American Discrimination in College Admissions: Myths, Facts, and Strategies

There are many more articles with the same message: discrimination against Asians. Those linked above just appeared at the top of the list in the results of my first search. We all have been reading about the raw deal in college admissions for Asian students. However, you’d have to dig a while to find a piece in the legacy (main
stream) media that decries the fate of the well-qualified American melting pot kids as they are refused admission to universities for which they are fully qualified.

On June 29, 2023, SCOTUS ruled against the admissions policies of Harvard University and University of NC, which are equally left- wing institutions of higher indoctrination. “The 6-3 decision ends the use of so-called affirmative action in higher education, a longtime goal of conservatives,” says Matthew Vadum who covers the Supreme Court for the Epoch Times. Twenty-five years ago, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor spoke against affirmative action saying that “making race-
conscious decisions is dangerous, … a deviation from the norm of equal treatment.” She predicted affirmative action would be overturned. Justice O’Connor had a different reason for speaking against AA, than I believe our Justices had today.


From this perspective, of moving closer to our Constitution and equal opportunity for all, it can be understood why this decision was hailed by most. Certainly returning to our founding documents would be cause for celebration – were it the reason behind the Court’s decision.

My skepticism turns on this: WHEN, in the last decade have we seen the Judiciary, anywhere in America, lean back towards our Constitution?

The answer is, of course, that we have not. A majority of decisions rendered in district, or circuit courts have leaned to the Left, in what seems like complete disregard for our laws. When cases came to our current SCOTUS, it has seemed that they turned their backs on our founding documents. (Just a few days ago, this same body denied the Constitutionally given power of the states to run their elections.) We all know it, and can probably recite a few of our “favorite” cases that have triggered our ire. I don’t intend to get into judicial activism per se, except as a reminder to all who think latest SCOTUS decision has turned the tide.

I submit that this latest decision is just more of the same, only now, our “protected” citizens are the Chinese, whose skin just happens to be white. It is possible, even probable, that the decision was rendered at the behest of the foreign nation that seems to be running so much of our show through the pathetic criminal creature playing POTUS today. The Chinese want to take over more of our future business and political leadership roles, and are quite open about it. To make sure they cement their grip on the dying Republic that is America, they want more of their kids in our colleges.

Call me crazy, but just think about it.

For the moment, SCOTUS has spoken; little can be done in the near term. Just do not let this recent decision suck you in. “Whitey”, aka the average American of melting pot heritage, is in no better position vis a vis college admissions today, than he or she was before June 29, 2023.

I believe that this “affirmative action” decision is just another psy- op to keep us mollified so we won’t get in the way of the rest of the take-over.

This isn’t just me, Kat, digging stuff up in the litter box again. This is a call to action and awareness for all who want to keep their freedoms under our Constitutional Republic. Stay ever alert and don’t let yourself be fooled by anything out of DC today. Don’t allow yourself to be lib-otomized, thinking that things in DC are changing. We’re going to need a LOT more proof that this.

Patriotic Americans who live under the Judaeo-Christian ethic upon which our laws were built, MUST band together, in this case to protect and stand for our children. They are our future. God bless them all. We must leave them the best world we possibly can.

6 thoughts on “Op-Ed: Affirmative Action – Another “False Flag” In The Latest SCOTUS Decision?

  • July 10, 2023 at 4:02 pm

    While I understand the author’s scepticism, to claim that the 6 justices who ruled correctly are all shills for communist China is ridiculous (especially in the case of Justices Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch).

  • July 10, 2023 at 6:59 pm

    I’d have to disagree heartily with this position. It is indeed a positive move for all kids of all skin colors from anywhere in the world. It should shift entrance back to qualifications only, academic, athletic, talent, etc.

    If your “Whitey” kid, as he refers to them, is not outstanding in one or more of these areas then he or she may not be admitted. It is definitely a call for us Americans to up our game on educating our kids prior to them arriving for college application.

    Just for honest disclosure, I am a “Whitey” who had two daughters who were able to attain admission to an outstanding institution based on their excellent academic and extracurricular achievements. I would suggest that all parents encourage their children to pursue excellence in all that they do.

    Based on reports I have been reading about our state’s current student achievement levels in public schools throughout the state, our kids better step up their games if they want to be included.

    • July 10, 2023 at 7:55 pm

      It’s difficult to “step up your game” when you are being assaulted by medical(vaccines) and educational marxism, not to mention food degeneration.

  • July 10, 2023 at 7:56 pm

    It’s a terrible thought Kat has given us, but the line of thought concerning SCOTUS trends is on key, differentiating between SCOTUS majority decisions and all of SCOTUS agreeing.

  • July 17, 2023 at 2:10 pm

    Judaeo-Christian is a master slave relationship that for some insane reason Christians have accepted. Look at all the racial problems in America and you will find a Jewish organization funding and leading it.
    Wake Up


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