Special Session To Address Mutilation Of Kids, Nashville’s Pro-abortion Resolution, All-Girls School Admits Boys Who Identify As Girls, Drag Shows For Kids + More! -TennCon’s Big 7

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1) Concerned Tennesseans Call For Special Session To Address Mutilation Of Kids At Vanderbilt – https://bit.ly/3URnyrt

2) Pro-life Groups Urge Metro Nashville City Council To Vote Against Pro-abortion Resolution – https://bit.ly/3RkBDux

3) Nashville All-Girls School Ignores Parent Concerns, Enacts Gender Diversity Policy To Admit Boys Who Identify As Girls – https://bit.ly/3rj1ybG

4) American Classical Education Faces Misinformation And Dishonest Opposition In Quest To Open Tennessee Charter Schools – https://bit.ly/3RtH2PT

5) Chattanooga’s WanderLinger Brewing Company Promotes “Wildly Inappropriate” Drag Show For Kids – https://bit.ly/3fwzkr9

6) Pink Palace Drag Show Canceled At Last Minute By Memphis Museum – https://bit.ly/3SG3Kp8

7) TN Supreme Court Denies Appeal for Nashville Taxpayer Protection Referendum For 2nd Time – https://bit.ly/3rfVAIx

Bonus Stories:

• TN RINOs Killed Bill That Would Have Prevented Vanderbilt’s Mutilation of Minors – https://bit.ly/3BXFw2V


• As Major Metro Schools Approach $30K Spending Per Student, Performance Plunges – https://bit.ly/3fuhJA4

• Savage Gulf Becomes Tennessee’s Newest State Park – https://bit.ly/3RqdSRO

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