Tennessee State Senator Requests Governor Lee’s Aid In Reducing Memphis Crime

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The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

A Tennessee state senator is calling on the governor for help in combating the crime that he says has his city “under siege.”

State Senator Brent Taylor (R-Memphis-District 31) sent a letter this week to Governor Bill Lee, asking for resources from the state to assist in restoring order to Memphis as violent crime continues to increase. 

Taylor says residents are asking for the National Guard to come in. He notes, however, that he does not see that as a viable solution as National Guard members are not trained in law enforcement.

The senator has requested that the highway patrol increases its presence through unannounced “surges” on Memphis interstates and other state routes. He has also asked for a “monitoring team” to let the public know exactly how many crimes are committed and how many arrests have been made.

Preliminary data from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation shows that murders have increased by 42%. 

The letter was prompted most recently by the murder of a St. Jude physician who was walking with his family, as well as convenience store robberies, looting of a FedEx truck while it was at a red light, and reckless driving on a portion of I-240.

Not everyone agrees that these solutions will fix the problem long-term. Some argue that bringing “economic equity” to the city would help solve some of the issues, while others claim that gun legislation would bring an end to much of it.

According to Taylor, his constituents call him often and tell him they are looking to move out of Memphis and find a safer location, a move that he does not want to see keep happening.

“Memphis needs help to save it from future ruin,” Taylor wrote. “The State of Tennessee cannot be successful if its most famous city is not successful.”

While Taylor says he has not yet received a response from Governor Lee, he notes that he also sent copies of the letter to both Mayor Jim Strickland and Mayor-elect Paul Young.

3 thoughts on “Tennessee State Senator Requests Governor Lee’s Aid In Reducing Memphis Crime

  • November 20, 2023 at 4:48 pm

    Until Memphis enforces the laws already on the Tennessee Books, crime will NOT GO DOWN. If juveniles commit adult crimes, try them as adults. As for adults, the 3-strike law applies, 3 strikes LIFE WITH NO PAROLE. And move faster on executing those given the Death Penalty, 30+ years on Death Row is cruel to the victims’ families.

  • November 20, 2023 at 6:15 pm

    Do NOT visit Memphis or move there. It is incredibly dangerous and has been for many years. Tell your friends and family. It is truly one of the most dangerous cities in the US and the moat dangerous in TN.

    “economic equity” isn’t the problem and saying it is the problem is part of the problem and an excuse. Nothing will change until they get rid of the BLM attitude of “blame someone else”.

    Google “Memphis Chamber CEO murdered” and you can read about how in 2018 the President / CEO of the Memphis Chamber was shot in the back of the head. It was a robbery. Notice that they didn’t say “Put your hands up and give us your money”. Just killed him. He had moved Downtown to prove that Memphis was safe. Have you ever heard a story like this?

    The article says the St. Jude physician and his wife and daughter were out for a walk. They moved to Memphis from Brooklyn.

    I’ve heard many stories – friends driving through shoot outs, home invasions, murders that seemed to not have a motive. Apparently, a lot of armed criminals drive around looking for someone to rob. That’s what was going on in both the murders mentioned in this post. Workers can’t even go up on an electric pole without an armed guard on the ground because someone will stop, pull out a gun and say “Throw down your wallet”.

  • November 21, 2023 at 10:06 pm

    Perhaps voting for DAs not funded by Soros.. would be a good start .. soft on crime is a joke..

    East Tennessee needs its own state, we’ll call west Tennessee . Franklin. The home of the woke.


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